Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Fall 2014 Guide to Black Women on TV


This fall you'll more than a few opportunities to see the talents of Black women on the small screen. Black actresses are much better represented in this season's dramas than comedies, but if you're looking for a laugh, tune into Tracee Ellis Ross on ABC's "Black-ish."

Here's a calendar to help you plan you fall TV schedule!

Two Young Black Women Found Dead, Naked in Florida


by Nana Aduba-Amoah

Early Thursday morning, witnesses discovered the nude bodies of two black women lying dead on the side of a road in Jacksonville, Fla.

"They were naked, bound. They had, like, zip ties around their hands and their feet,” witness, Alton Soles, recounted to FOX 13 News.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Tracy Lewis is Now the 2nd Black Woman Lieutenant in FDNY’s History


by Nana Aduba-Amoah

Tracy Lewis is paving a way for black women in the public safety industry after being promoted to firefighter lieutenant at the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) ceremony held Wednesday morning.  Lewis, 41, is the second black woman in the history of the FDNY to be promoted in twelve years.

Finding Me: How Going to Therapy Helped Me Reclaim My Happiness


by Krista White

I sat there, sobbing on the counter, eating an entire bag of shredded cheese and thought, “Maybe I need to change something in my life.” So naturally I continued sobbing and finished the bag of cheese. Everyone’s depression is different. Some people turn to drugs. Some people have a gratuitous sex with strangers. And others retreat into themselves, only coming out of their messy dorm room to devour ungodly amounts of cheese. I almost wish I were the “make reckless choices” brand of depressive. That might have been kind of fun. But no, when I was deeply depressed for about half of my college career, I mostly cried, ate, slept, and watched LOST.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Hard Lessons I Learned from Being Bullied in School


by Princess Gabbara

The final week I spent in my childhood home was surreal to say the least. I knew we were moving soon, but for an eight year old going on nine, seeing all my toys piled up in the corner of the room that my younger sister and I shared made it official.

In This House Boys Will Not be Boys: Teaching My Son New Lessons on Masculinity


by Crystal Tennille Irby

I love my son’s hands. I love to hold them/ kiss them/ help them trace letters. His hands amazed me at the tender age of 3 writing Hs on his own. Then minutes later horrified me transforming Legos into a gun which he aimed at me and said “Pow, pow Mommy.” He doesn’t know his cousin’s fibula will be shattered two days later due to a gunshot wound or a week later Chicago will register its 500th homicide. He doesn’t know he will never meet his Uncle because he was shot five times in the back at close range or during my 6th month of pregnancy with him a young Black male was killed in our county every weekend. He doesn’t know more than Kassandra Perkins, Javon Belcher is imprinted in my psyche because more than wondering how to keep my brown boy from falling victim to violence I wonder how to prevent him from becoming a perpetrator. He doesn’t know we’ve done everything in our power to insulate him from exposure to violence. He doesn’t know. He’s just a boy, all boy they say. Let him be. No. Not in this house.

In the Closet: On Being Queer and Christian


I shouldn't have to wonder how quickly my parents would cut me off financially if I decided to come out of the closet, but I often do.  So goes the plight of being queer, Christian, and in the closet.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Finding the Good in Goodbye: Why I Finally Let Go of My Ex


by Doris Agwu

“You need to let him go.” I’ve heard this statement so many times that it’s become quite predictable. Most family members and friends jump to it whenever I mention a particular man I dated once upon a time. No one could understand that two people who were once in a relationship could survive such turmoil yet still remain friends, best friends.

18 Picture Book Biographies About Black Women Who Made History


With books you have the ability to create for your child new worlds and show them new possibilities. That is why the books we read to them are so important. Teach your children about tenacity, courage,and brilliance with the stories of these women.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Painful Silence: What Daniel Holtzclaw Teaches Us About Black Women in America


By now, many of us have learned about the case against Daniel Holtzclaw, the young Oklahoma City police officer accused of sexually assaulting eight middle-aged Black women. We know that he committed these crimes after pulling most of these women over for false traffic stops. He would then ask them to lift up their shirts, so he could fondle their breasts and force them to perform sexual acts for him. We know that he targeted his victims with great specificity, choosing women from lower-income backgrounds who had a history of “drug use and prostitution.” We know that he allegedly stalked some of his victims, coming into contact with them more than once. We know that he is even accused of illegally entering one victim’s home on more than one occasion.