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by Shannon Luders-Manuel @shannon_luders

My father was a proud paralegal for the NAACP back in the 80s and 90s. He marched in rallies for race equality and was actively involved in uplifting the Black community. When I was growing up, he often had me watch the PBS series “Eyes on the Prize,” which documented the events of the Civil Rights Movement. Nestled inside my baby book is an autograph from Black Panther leader Huey Newton.

by Kimberly Foster @KimberlyNFoster

Near the end of the summer, images of Rihanna at Crop Over in Barbados took over my social media timelines. She and thousands of other festival-goers paraded through the streets of her home country in beautiful, revealing costumes. In typical Rihanna fashion, she did not let the constant surveillance that accompanies her stardom prevent her from enjoying the day. Images of her, barely-clothed, drinking and dancing without care filled me with joy and, frankly, relief.

by Tiffanie Drayton

There is one thing Black women too rarely enjoy that can have wondrous personal impacts, not only on self-esteem but also on mental health: traveling alone. Of course, family vacations or weekend getaways with friends and significant others can offer a break, but we often don't afford our minds, bodies and souls what is necessary to heal and grow. It's a form of self-denial that is easy to ignore but the cumulative effects can include heightened levels of stress, anxiety, weight gain or any number of ailments associated with too little time to recalibrate away from life's demands. Don't let that be you.

by Fay Wells for The Washington Post

On Sept. 6, I locked myself out of my apartment in Santa Monica, Calif. I was in a rush to get to my weekly soccer game, so I decided to go enjoy the game and deal with the lock afterward.
By Anna Gibson

According to the United States Census Bureau, 39 percent of custodial parents fail to receive child support in the United States. Even more disturbing, it would seem that even if parents provide child support, it’s too little to support the family. The amount of child support given monthly is estimated to be an underwhelming $280 a month.

by Malaika Jabali

In that brief moment of solace in the bathroom shower--where quiet moments are hard fought in a city that prides itself on never sleeping-- I was trying to make a decision. Would I buy the hard copy, or due to my impatience and desire to occupy my time that morning on the generally uncomfortable commute into Manhattan, would I seek instant gratification and purchase the e-book?

by Dee Rene

Being a creative is equal parts struggle and triumph. With a dash of doubt mixed between layers of relentless pursuit of your dreams. But although this is an incredible journey, it’s not one that you should enter into without understanding the realities to come.