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By Inda Lauryn

August 26th commemorates Women’s Equality Day. The date celebrates the passage of the 19th Amendment that granted women the right to vote. Facebook even created a meme depicting a diverse group of women in poses reminiscent of the Rosie the Riveter poster in front of the familiar “I Voted” sticker but declaring “We Voted.”
By Jaimee Swift

As seen in historical manifestations, the proverbial white feminine hierarchical complex on the ideals of Black women and Black beauty has reared its ugly head once again. And of course, the target of such criticism is none other than one of the most powerful Black women in the world: Beyoncé.
by Altheria Gaston

They were not in church. They were not in court. They were not in class or in any other setting in which laughter might not have been inappropriate. On Saturday, August 22, 2015, they were on a wine train through the Napa Valley wine country. It was a social, perhaps even celebratory, occasion for Sistahs of the Reading Edge Book Club members who were taking their annual trip. According to the members and other passengers, the women were simply having fun and exhibiting behavior consistent with individuals on a wine tour. A few passengers allegedly complained of the Black women’s joviality, and the manager asked the women to quiet down. When they refused to stifle their cheerfulness, they were removed from the train — singled out and reprimanded for talking and laughing too loudly.
by Morgan Jerkins for The Guardian

The other day, I was walking back to my Harlem apartment when I stumbled upon a very shocking sign in front of a black church. It read:

By Veronica Agard

While sifting through the latest updates on my Facebook feed earlier this week, I saw the first mention of a horrible “joke” from a show in which Amy Poehler is the executive producer. Poehler, whose rise to fame included a regular spot on the Saturday Night Live series and Parks and Recreation, has also created a feminist organization called Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls. However, in her latest role as a producer of Hulu’s show Difficult People, she made a painfully careless choice.

By Barbara Gonzalez

The internet recently broke with love and adoration for Disney Channel sweetheart Rowan Blanchard. On August 22nd, Rowan took to Instagram and posted three screenshots of a Tumblr post in which she responded to a question asking how she feels about the term “white feminism” and how common feminism might exclude women of color and non cis/queer women. She responded with a very well thought out answer, addressing the fact that the ways in which women of color and trans women experience feminism are completely excluded from white feminism. She talked about wage inequality, police brutality, Sandra Bland, India Clarke, and Amandla Stenberg. White feminists and mainstream media outlets alike poured sugary-sweet adoration into their coverage of the starlet, using strong adjectives like “powerful” and “engaging.”
by Bee Quammie

“Do you think you can, you know, stay out of the sun this summer? Then we might be able to do something with you.”