The Canvass: Would You Date A Co-Worker?

I'm sure we all have a friend who started dating the cute guy in the cubicle next to her only to have it end in disaster.

According to a 2009 survey by, four out of 10 workers have dated a colleague. Meanwhile, most executives believe that office romances end in disaster and wreak havoc in the workplace, reports the Society for Human Resource Management.

In other words, more co-worker flames mean more workplace flame-outs. Career coach and chief of Cornerstone Executive Development Group Stephen Xavier says there has been a dramatic increase in office romances, partly due to the amount of time we spend on the job and the increase of women in the workplace, and that well over half end in breakups. "Statistically speaking, if you start an office relationship it's likely going to fail," says Xavier. And how you handle the breakup and its aftermath could make or break your job.

So what do you think? Does love conquer all, or are some territories just off limits?

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