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As I say all the time, this isn’t a privilege that holds much weight outside of our community. It is gender based privilege that Black men have over Black women that is rooted in more than simply Western patriarchy. I believe that our people’s reaction to the White man’s attack on Black manhood placed us in a position in which we seek to protect Black men in a way that isn’t always…appropriate.

That Feminism Thing - Part 3 | The Beautiful Struggler

An hour later, I stood in amazement with my hair tied up and watched Nicole lay waste to this young lady with no assistance needed from anyone. I’d seen fights, but never anything like this. Nicole had walked up behind the girl and tapped her on the shoulder. As soon as she turned around, Nicole nailed her in the face with a right jab. What followed was a one-sided melee. Nicole unraveled the girl’s cheap weave and then proceeded to ram her head into the wall. “Bitch you gon’ kill who? I’m here forever!”

That was the moment that I knew I did not belong at Collinwood High School.

Stuck in the Middle - Parte Seconda | The Skinny Black Girl

Vanessa Bryant and the bedazzled mini-Kobes were a lot. Like seriously? I swear her and them lil' girls were down on center court faster than freaking security! Granted, we all know Mr. Bryant told her to have that ass front & center if/when they won but still... Can you relax and stop throwing cut-eye while that man celebrates with his teammates? Jeesh. (Lord knows, if the 1st Lady of the Lakers was African-American, folks would be calling her clingy ass all kinds of emasculating right about now. SMH. That good-good hair works wonders, I tell ya.)

bout to cop ron ron's new single and a bag of indian yaki... | Mitzi Moments

We deserve every bit of joy, happiness, fulfillment, peace that comes our way. You need to know this. We. Deserve. It.

It's easy to miss the magical moments because we're so busy looking up for the other shoe. It's like we're just waiting for a big, fat, stinky, ugly Frankenstein boot to fall out of the sky and drop right in the middle of all the sweet smelling goodness that's coming together in our lives. Like it's going to hit us on our heads and bring us out of some happy haze. After all, they say when something seems too good to be true it usually is, right?

Looking Up From the Other Side | Six Figure Sisters

Essentially, the ‘black’ American narrative simultaneously oppresses us and empowers us. It derives from a painful place as a result of oppression brought on by slavery, lynchings, Jim Crow, and institutionalized racism. It’s also responsible for conceiving and giving birth to liberation and Civil Rights movements. This narrative is unique to ‘black’ Americans. It’s also complex, not only because of the histories it speaks to but also because of how it conflicts with our current lived stories that deal with more than just racial identity.

In search of a new Black narrative | TheLoop21

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