Why For Harriet? Why Now?

Who Are We
ForHarriet.com was created to be a forum for Black women of all ages to debate and discuss the challenges and triumphs of Black womanhood in the 21st century as well as celebrate our history and our culture.

Named after famed abolitionist and feminist Harriet Tubman, the magazine seeks to tap into the unheard voices of Black women around the world. Black women deserve a safe space to call their own. This is it.

The spectrum of Black women defy the categorizations that are often thrust upon us. The site will seek to bridge together a coalition of Black women across the web by featuring content from the web’s foremost female bloggers as well as a diverse array of contributors.

For Harriet was inspired by the absence of content meant to uplift and fortify Black women both spiritually and intellectually. Kimberly N. Foster, publisher and founder of For Harriet, noticed the dearth of media outlets focused specifically on the political and social lives women.

“We need a site that caters to the souls of Black women,” Foster said. “Haircare tips and shopping guides are wonderful, but we too often neglect our foundations. The strength and resilience of Black women deserves to be lionized. But we must also challenge our sisters to be the women we were meant to be. That is the purpose of this site. We want to inspire, educate and entertain.”

Why Today Was Chosen for the Launch

Today, June 18, 2010, is the day before Juneteenth which marks the 148th anniversary of the abolition of slavery by Congress in the United States. Today we celebrate Harriet as well as our numerous foremothers for their boundless courage and determination.  They laid the foundation, so we shall follow the path. 

Kimberly Foster is the founder and editor of For Harriet.

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