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At For Harriet, we continue to dedicate our efforts to connecting all generations of women in order to facilitate dialogue about the trials and triumphs of Black womanhood in the 21st century. We're embarking upon a new endeavor to strengthen and engage this community on the web.


The primary purpose of the For Harriet Blog Network (FHBN) is to provide support for women looking to share their voices. Additionally, the For Harriet Blog Network will provide an opportunity for bloggers to broaden their audience and readers to discover new bloggers.

For Harriet will regularly feature blog links and content from members of the network on our main page.


If you would like to join the For Harriet Blog Network, simply send an email with 1) Your Name 2) Preferred Email Address 3) Blog URL to

Additionally please place this badge on your blog or add us to your blogroll.

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We will link to your blog from our FHBN page.

Membership is open to all Black women; however, we reserve the right to reject content that does not align with our core mission.

FHBN Members
Lola Gets...
Love Stutter
Naturally Me!
The Walk Back

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