Could A Contraceptive Lotion Replace The Pill?

Via Zelda Lily:
A new contraceptive body cream, which could one day replace the Pill, has been developed by scientists, the UK media reports this morning. Women need only to rub a small amount of the product into their arms, legs, shoulders or abdomen, once a day, to ensure that they do not fall pregnant. In early clinical trials, the cream has thus far proved to be just as effective as using the Pill.

The main benefit of the contraceptive cream, reportedly, is that it does not cause the same side effects, such as weight gain, acne or mood swings, that affect 40% of women who take the Pill. Experts believe that this could make the cream popular with self-conscious girls …

… and young women, and could ultimately help tackle rising teenage pregnancy rates.

Would you use a contraceptive lotion?

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