Are You Raising A Good Black Woman? 7 Signs To Tell

Raising children is one of the most important things a person can do. They have the ability to mold another human being into the person they will ultimately become. This is why I take parenthood very seriously and suggest that people only embark on it once they are completely ready for the task. A few months ago I wrote a post entitled Are You Raising A Good Black Man?Now is the time to apply that same logic towards our daughters who need as much guidance and our sons. There are some patterns that if altered immediately could lead to making a positive difference in our next generation of women. Here are a few thoughts I had. Feel free to add on.


She is responsible for herself. Independence is necessary. Especially in this society we live in. Teach your daughters that they are responsible for themselves. They are accountable for their own lives and the direction that it goes. By a certain age, they are also responsible for their own welfare and that includes being financially responsible. It is never okay to wait for a man to take care of you or expect him to be your savior. Teach them to be their own savior and hero first. Even if she finds a man that is willing to take care of her every need she should still be capable of facilitating those same needs if said man decides he wants out. Teach her not to crumble if he does.

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