Soul Surfing: 10 Must Read Blogs by Black Women to Start Your Week Off Right

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We scoured all corners of the web to find compelling content, on all topics, created by Black women. Here are this week’s must reads.

What, Exactly, Is Emotional Eating? [A Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss]

Deconstructing the Down Low Phenomenon: Thank You Mr. Perry for Another Stereotype [Arielle Loren]
As Pearl Cleage wrote in What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day, “I got HIV from fucking men.” For most women, that’s the reality. Sexual orientation is irrelevant. The truth is that unprotected sex feels good and better than protected sex, so let’s stop beating around the bush. And if women want to take the risk of engaging in that type of contact with their male partners, there is no one to blame but themselves. Wrap It Up or Shut Up. That’s my new campaign and I may actually launch it.

What's Beef? A Rational Look at Why Lil Kim is Mad at Nicki Minaj [Gangstarr Girl]

10 Ways to Lower Your Heat Bill This Winter [Savvy Brown]

Real Talk, Wrong Talk [The Beautiful Struggler]
Never will I let “He doesn’t know any better” be an excuse for out and out street harassment or disregard for a woman’s personal space and/or her ability to travel the world freely. However, I can’t help but wonder if anyone is even attempting to talk to some of these men about how to approach a lady they find attractive. the problem with “Hey, bitch! C’mere!” should be common sense, but the leigons of men hollering “Yo, shorty” might not have gotten any lessons in the proper way to get a woman’s attention.

A Return to Myself: A Delayed Response to For Colored Girls [The Crunk Feminist Collective]

Love Adventures [Jo Nubian]
In that moment I realized that I can’t keep all my syrupy sweet loving to myself because I’m afraid that someone, or at least a lesser someone, may purloin it. I have no desire to be a hoarder, a bag lady. That simply ain’t my thing. I prepared a nice hefty plate for the new man in my life. If he behaves, he may be the recipient of even greater sustenance. My love’s too good to keep bottled up and blue. I hope you know yours is too…

Blogging 101: How I Make Money On My Blog [The Cubicle Chick]

5 Things I Wish I Knew About Sex When I Was Younger [Funky Brown Chick]

FEM confusion: Digital Deaths for AIDS relief? [The Feminista Files]
First, I detest the fact that these celebrities are acting as if not tweeting is a sacrifice. And that is what they are saying here - literally. I am willing to sacrifice my digital life for charity. Totally stupid especially since their power is in tweeting to their millions of followers. How is not tweeting to them a good idea?


Watch this profile of AIDS activist Rae Lewis-Thornton.

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