Size Me by Crystal Belle

I am not a size 6

I am not a size 2

I am not a size 10

I am not a size 12

I am size Me

‘Cause my hipster-huggin’ horizontal hips

Are accompanied by luscious, lustful lips

As my fruitful fat ass fits firmly on my back

I touch my kinky-straightened hair, which reminds me that I am Black

For I can’t pretend

That I am a friend

Of life’s blond hair, blue-eyed Barbie doll

Since I am dark-haired, with brown eyes

And five foot three tall

Does my body resemble a celebrity?

Only the resemblance of size me

Do my silicone breasts cause curiosity?

Only the natural breasts of size me

Does my wide nose bother thee?

Only the African nose of size me

The size of me

Represents my ancestors’ decree

About how it was to be

A slave

A subservient slave

Locked in his master’s microwave

Of ultraviolet rays

Of destruction

The destruction

Of Size Me’s production

Developed from society’s obstruction

Of power

Power that perpetually towers

Over Size Me’s tainted hour

Glass figure

The figure of non-working out niggers

Whose measurements tend to be bigger

Than their Caucasian counterparts

I can’t help it that I have a switch when I walk

And a Caribbean accent when I talk

For my hearty hips created the switch

As my full fledged lips created the glitch

In perfection

So the question is “what is perfection?”

I know Mr. Uncle Tom

You think we are a ticking time bomb

Of gluttony

But I love me some mac’ and cheese

And black eyed peas

Followed with some greens and candied yams

Yet you are still trying to tell me who I am

I am Size Me

A combination of cultural variety

That was derived from your prejudiced anxiety

Called racism

So I want to thank you for enslaving me

For it gave me

The title of original American beauty

Mrs. Voluptuous

In democracy we must trust

You can keep your supermodels and low fat calories

For I will forever be

Mrs. Size ME!

Crystal Belle has been writing poetry since the age of 9. She is a High School English teacher in Brooklyn, New York. Belle recently published her first volume of poetry titled Woman on Fire. You can find her work at

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