Black Girls Blog: 10 Can't Miss Posts by Black Women

At For Harriet, we work to elevate the voices of Black women online and off.  So as much as we love our contributors it's essential for us to highlight the work of women around the blogosphere. Check out these great posts.

Black Folks, Class, and the Truth: Notes From A Mixed-Class Breed
A few days ago, a friend of mine hipped me to the Jalen Rose-Grant Hill beef. For those of you who haven’t read about it, Rose was interviewed for a documentary and said that back when he was playing for Michigan, he’d always thought of Hill and the Black Duke basketball players as “Uncle Toms.”
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Infrastructure Building! Ava DuVernay Builds Her Own Movie Distribution System
We are going to pause from our coverage of the atrocities in Cleveland, TX to get back on track with our commitment to push Black women to take their destinies and images into their own hands.
Continue Reading at What About Our Daughters

Inconceivable: Black Infertility
There have been no fish dreams for me. There is a stork-less stark reality that my 2-hour treks to an expensive specialist to be jacked open, probed, and drugged, and my regimented record keeping about peek ovulation, period flow, body temperature, and patterned intercourse over the course of two years might still result in the inconceivable: infertility.
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On Being Feminism’s “Ms. Nigga”
Recently, I was invited to speak at a major feminist event.

It was for a cause I cared deeply about, and I would share the stage with some of the best recognized figures in feminism.

And yet…I hesitated.
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On Abortion and Humanness
My girl DeeDee was to most, including her older sister and mother, too young to care for a child. They, as women, had traveled the road of being young mothers and saw promise and redemption in DeeDee, who shared my gifted and talented classes in high school.
Continue Reading at Jo Nubian

11,12,13: Fast Ass Little Girls
I am 11 years old and my Dad just got me exactly what I asked for as my birthday gift. I carry my Mongoose dirt bike through our railroad apartment, past my sleeping mother, down creaky stairs and out of the heavy self slamming front door that leads to Monticello Ave.
Continue Reading at The Intersection of Madness and Reality

Rude Awakening
Have you ever woken up from an amazing dream to a reality not so amazing? You know one where your deepest desires were playing out; you could feel, smell and taste it in your dream?
Continue Reading at Freedom Love Justice

Pornography: A Change in Position
When I consider that pornography is simply the depiction of sexual acts as a means to an end – sexual arousal – I see no wrong in consenting adults engaging in sex acts which are recorded and disseminated for consumption and enjoyment by adults.
Continue Reading at Kay Renee

Grown's Gone And Got Me
I’ve never been the serial monogamist type who hops from relationship to relationship. If you ask my friends and family what I was doing romantically prior to my current boyfriend, you’d probably get a few variations of the same answer: “playing around.”
Continue Reading at The Beautiful Struggler

Daughter of The Great Migration
Reading The Warmth of Other Suns, I am reminded again that I am a member of a soon-to-disappear group--children and grandchildren of The Great Migration.
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