Do Financial Red Flags During Courtship Predict Money Problems Later In Marriage?

From Black and Married With Kids

According to a recent poll, 50% of women say it would be okay for their date to pay with a coupon. I consider myself somewhat financially literate, but I still would never in a million years whip out a coupon on a date. But hey, that’s just me.

I have to ask you ladies, if your husband pulled out a coupon on your first date, would you still have married him? Many sisters would view using a coupon as a savvy financial move, a hint that their man was knowledgeable about money.

Others, I’m sure, would consider it a cheapskate play. A man who valued their company so little as not to feel the need to pay the full “retail” price for the experience, might not get a second chance.

Now, I know on first glance this may sound like a silly question – should you use coupons on a date? – but it’s just one of many subtle signals that we all give off while courting the objects of our affection. And perhaps it’s these signals that could predict future financial bliss or disaster in marriage.

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