QOTD: Are Women Less Ambitious Than Men?

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg delivered this year's commencement address to the women of Barnard College (read the full text here). In here speech, Sandberg laments the sparse representation of women in the highest rungs of government, business, and higher education.
I truly believe that only when we get real equality in our governments, in our businesses, in our companies and our universities, will we start to solve this generation’s central moral problem, which is gender equality
What's to blame for the near lockout of women at the top? She does not pin the blame on the patriarchy that roots our society. Instead she points to a lack of ambition of her female peers. She says they blew it.
Studies show very clearly that in our country, in the college-educated part of the population, men are more ambitious than women. They’re more ambitious the day they graduate from college; they remain more ambitious every step along their career path. We will never close the achievement gap until we close the ambition gap.
Though her points may be valid, these statements could easily be construed to justify the invisibility of women in leadership positions.

Are women less ambitious than men? Do we just want different things? Share your thoughts!

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