Tequila Maker Uses Rape To Sell Product

How could argue that we do not live in a culture that glorifies and celebrates rape after viewing this commercial for Hornitos Tequila?

In the clip, a woman is seen leading a man she believes to be her significant other into a bedroom. But there's catch. The man she's about to sleep with isn't her boyfriend at all. It's his twin brother. Get it?


And it's not nearly as hilarious as the tequila company seems to think. This is not a funny mix up. It's rape.

Let's be clear. The scenario presented here is absolutely rape. No, it's not forcible rape by a big (black or brown) man in an alley, but most rape isn't.

Not only is this a sickening wink and nod to the "boys will be boys" mindset that excuses sexual assault as a normal expression of masculinity, but put the ad in the context of a proposed GOP amendment that would have narrowed the scope of what legally constitutes rape and it's clear we're fighting against more poorly executed commercial.

Hornitos Tequila is owned by Beam Global Spirits and Wine. Many have already taken to voicing their disgust via the brand's Facebook page; however, you might call and email Matt Stanton Beam Global Spirits Vice President of Corporate Affairs directly to get the ad pulled.

Matt Stanton
Vice President, Corporate Affairs

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