And So It Begins! Announcing The Launch of #BlackGirlsLoveBooks

Today launches Black Girls Love Books, a digital book club for Women of Color. Our selections represent the expansive work of Black women authors. Sister Citizen by Melissa Harris-Perry is our nonfiction selection. The book explores the difficulties African American women face in performing the duties of citizenship in the USA. Ernessa T. Carter's 32 Candles is this month's  nonfiction pick. BLGBers can choose to read one or both books, and discussions will be held on both.

Yes, it may be difficult to manage two books, but follow our reading schedule and you'll end up reading about 20 pages a day.

Here it goes:

Week 1 - 3/1 thru 3/7
Sister Citizen
"The Hurricane," from Their Eyes Were Watching God through the end of "Crooked Room" (p. 1-50)

32 Candles
Part I (p. 1-68)

Week 2 - 3/8 thru 3/15
Sister Citizen
"Myth" through the end of "Shame" (p. 51-133)

32 Candles
Part II (p. 68-122)

Week 3 - 3/16 thru 3/22
Sister Citizen
"Disaster" through the end of "Strength" (p. 134-222)

32 Candles
Part III (p. 123-222)

Week 4 - 3/23 thru 3/31
Sister Citizen
"God" through the end of "Michelle" (p. 269-300)

32 Candles
Part IV and V (p. 223-338)

While you're reading, tweet your thoughts and questions with the #BlackGirlsLoveBooks hash tag

Each Friday at 5 PM ET we'll host a live Twitter chat on 32 Candles!

Each Saturday at 1 PM ET we'll discuss Sister Citizen!

Are you ready? Happy reading!

If you still need to purchase the books, you can get them here!

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