Giveaway: Share For Harriet With Your Friends and Win!

For Harriet wouldn't be possible without our crew of dedicated supporters. Thank you all so much for commenting, tweeting, and Facebooking your support as we continue to celebrate the fullness of Black women.

From today until Saturday April 21, when you share one of our posts with 3 of your friends via email, Facebook or Twitter, you'll be entered to win a T-Shirt from Bon Bon Vie. (Thanks, Shari!)

We want to make sure we count every entry, so follow these rules:

1) If you share via email, be sure to bcc:

Here's a template!

I love this post, and wanted to share it! Tell me what you think.

2) If you share our posts with 3 friends on Facebook, be sure to mention our Facebook page so we can see the link.

You could try:

Loved this post @For Harriet! Take a look!

3) We'll see your For Harriet tweets whether or not you @ us, but if the character count permits, we'd love it if you did.

Remember, you must share directly with 3 people to be entered!

The names of all participants will be compiled and one winner will be drawn at random

That's it! The contest ends on midnight on Saturday, April 21, 2012!

We appreciate each and every one of you. Your support makes this possible!

Got a question or concern. Email Founder/Editor at

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