It's Dangerous To Be A Black Woman With An Opinion, Just Ask @WetAsTheCee

Black Twitter has become a haven for those who delight in tearing down Black women for the slightest perceived flaw, but if you're a woman who dares go against the group of "Black Twitter Elite" (read: unabashed misogynists with lots of followers) you can expect to be torn to shreds by men and women desperately seeking validation. Just ask Courtney AKA @WetAsTheCee.

Yesterday, she published a blog post called  "10 Reasons Why I'm Going To Start Dating White Men." The post is a hilarious response to "10 Reasons Black Guys Prefer White Girls" written by a Twitter pseudo celebrity for a popular DJ's website. That blog is predictable click bait on a topic that's been covered ad-nauseum everywhere else. But you can't pass up an opportunity to degrade Black women, am I right? Especially not on #WhiteGirlWednesday. Yep, that's a real thing.

"Some guy named Ice decided to take it upon himself to speak for all black men about their decision to date white women," said Courtney. "It was that, along with the responses and retweets from males agreeing with him that made me want to turn the tables."

And turn the tables she did. The post is laugh out loud funny and filled with hysterical grains of truth. Though Courtney isn't among the so-called "Elite," her words spread quickly and brought the dregs of Black Twitter directly to her mentions.

"Death threats, guys threatening to rape me. Insults from men and women. It's startling to read," she says. What did she do to warrant rape threats? She dared to have an opinion. Outspoken women, black and otherwise, will find that offering even the slightest criticism of men will open you up to harassment.

But Courtney's top 10 was clearly satire. Take a look. 
 6. White men aren’t trying to be music A&R on Twitter. Some of my Black brothers spend COUNTLESS hours on Twitter, dissecting mixtapes, albums, blogging, but have never said anything like “hard day in the office” or “my manager gets on my nerves”. You’re not all producers or tastemakers. Most white men have goals, and will let you know of those goals within the first 30 minutes of your conversation. Check out white twitter during 9-5…CRICKETS, People!!!!
Courtney weighed in on the backlash. "I honestly believe that because I'm not deemed an "attractive" female to the "popular" men on twitter, and it was deemed as a insult to Ice, when in reality, I just countered his points."

Things that occur on social media sites like Twitter often reflect real life actions and attitudes. As she was threatened, Courtney says the majority of men who tweeted her didn't address the attacks. That's not necessarily surprising, but it's certainly sad. This occurred over a satirical blog post...

"Honestly, if I didn't date white men before this blog, my twitter mentions would give me all the motivation to go find a white man."

Can you blame her?

What did you think of Courtney's post? 

Kimberly Foster is the Founder and Editor of For Harriet. Email or Tweet her.

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