Life is Too Short to Pretend

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Life is too short to pretend, but we do it anyway. We pretend to like people and things we really don't like and then wonder why the Law of Attraction isn't working the way we want it to in our lives. Have you ever found yourself saying things like, "Why can't I get what I really want?" or "This law of attraction stuff doesn't really work?" Well, the Law of Attraction is always working, attracting back to us more of what we're projecting into the Universe, and when we end up pretending to like people or things that we don't we become the problem not the law.

One of the biggest challenges we face with manifesting what we really desire is we cut ourselves off from genuinely feeling good. We can't feel genuinely good when we're busy pretending. When we pretend, we express fake feelings and those fake feelings become a part of our dominant vibration or 'vibe.' Then we end up hoping that everyone around us will believe it's real and even if they don't believe it's real, at least they won't call us out and reveal that it's fake.

Pretending or being fake is a pretty big downer. Most significantly, this mental posture creates an energy field of resistance around what you really desire. Some might say this causes you to block your blessings. I like to say that when you're busy pretending you block those things that would make you happy, give you satisfaction and feel good. You end up suffocating your well-being.

Our well-being has everything to do with what we attract. If we're preoccupied with pretending and sending fake energy out into the Universe, how can we expect to attract the real desires of our heart? Well, it's simple, you can't. It just won't work. When you're engaging in pretend feelings, the yuckiness you end up feeling inside will undermine the positive thoughts you do have and any images you may have put on your vision board (if you've created one) that reflect what you really want to attract. You can't attract the truth when you're busy living a lie. Tweet this!

Let's say you really want to be involved in a genuinely loving, compassionate, caring, trusting and intimate love relationship but you're currently involved in a lackluster entanglement with someone who's whole vibe can be summed up in one word, mediocre. Well, you've probably guessed it by now, but you can't expect to attract that delicious relationship described above, if you're investing your time and energy in a relationship that bears no resemblance to what you really desire. You're too busy pretending.

I recommend that if you want a real shot at the law of attraction working the way you want it to in your life, stop pretending. Stop. Right. Now. Trust me, we've all done it, but when you stop pretending, several powerful shifts are going to occur:

1. You're going to feel relieved. You don't have to keep up the facade. You can look yourself in the eye and smile, for real.

2. You'll start to experience the warmth of self love. You'll be willing to engage in your own growth which has far more relevance than waiting for someone else to become someone they aren't.

3. You'll acknowledge the truth, that you desire something meaningful versus something meaningless.

4. Your attractor field will reset to reflect your self-love, true desires and your courage to express this genuine energy in the world.

So, please do yourself a favor, if this is you, stop pretending. Be real. Start having fun feeling good and definitely let me know about all the good things you start to attract!

What are you willing to stop pretending about today?

Remember, life is precious. Do your happy dance. Enjoy life!


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