The Plight of the African-American Woman in Politics

How to Embrace Vulnerability and Use it as the Power Source it Really Is

Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies: Relationship or Exploitation?

National Association of Black Journalists Honors Four African-American Women

It’s Not Just a White Disease: Black Women and Eating Disorders

The Life of a So-Called Golden Child

African-American Women Remain More Likely to Die From Childbirth

Women of African Descent Usurp European Royalty

Isn’t My Black Beautiful Too?: Embracing Black Womanhood That Defies Ideals of “Femininity”

We're Not Superheroes, And That's OK

Baiting Black Men: Exotic Friends and Ethnic Social Circles

Daddy I Want to Twerk!

Once It Left Off-Black, I Never Went Back: Loving My Gray Hair

Vogue Netherlands Publishes Another Blackface Editorial

Creativity is the Essential Ingredient for a Well Lived Life

Venus and Serena: A Documentary Review

What Oprah’s Story Has Done for the International Image of the Black Woman

Where’s the Respect? Defending Rihanna, Defending Us

Ruby Dee: Legendary Actress and Activist

5 Things We Learned from the Victory Over Rick Ross and Rape Rap

The Appeal to Black Men: Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd When Fighting Rape Culture

Is Happiness Really Possible for Everyone?

Black Women Build Families Through Adoption

Why Women Should Stop Expecting Private Exploits to Launch Them In to Fame

Temptation: Infidelity's Double Standard

The Problem With Our So-Called Allies

Lights Out: Olivia Pope and the Outsourcing of Black Male Power

Have You Heard of Womanist Theology?

Three Hundred Black Women Make Their Voices Heard in Washington

Not Your Typical Beyonce Post

Lessons on Forgiveness: How I Forgave My Father and was Set Free Indeed

Lessons in Losing My First Job

Interested in Starting Your Own Digital Company? digitalundivided Wants YOU at START ATL on April 13th

More Black Stars Coming to Broadway

Dear White People, Keep Your Thoughts About My Hair To Yourself

Beyoncé Calls Herself "A Modern-Day Feminist"

The Harlem Shake and the Globalization of Powerlessness

An Original Black Woman: Celebrating Yaa Asantewaa

Sister-to-Sister: Let’s Stop Fat Shaming

What Happens to Our Daughters While We're Saving Our Sons?

Who Gon Stop Her? Serena Williams' Reign Continues

Reproductive Injustice Continues: Aligning American Values with Political Action

Demand Healthy School Snacks: Critical Deadline Looms for Black Mothers and Girls

Tracing Words: A Personal Exploration of Growth

When Homegirls Pass Away

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