Creativity is the Essential Ingredient for a Well Lived Life

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by Denise J. Hart (@MotivationMama)

Typically creativity is associated with traditional careers like visual artist, singer, actor, architect, fashion designer and writer. However, many people are finally awakening to the truth, that creativity is the essential characteristic necessary for success in anything we set out to accomplish.

Why is that the case? Why is creativity so important?

It's really rather simple. Creativity is vital to our lives, because it's the act of creating or bringing something new into existence. Without creativity our lives feel lackluster and boredom quickly sets in and even apathy.

When we have a problem that needs solving, we need to use creativity. When we want to decorate our home, we need to use creativity. When we want to start a business, when we play a game of basketball, create a new product, when we want to cook delicious food we are best served when we tap into and use our creativity. Thus, creativity is essential.

Years ago, I coined a phrase that I use whenever I'm working with my students and clients, "The Trifecta of Creativity" which consists of these core principles of creativity:

  • Stay curious
  • Explore the world around you
  • Make discoveries
I teach this ideology to the students and clients I coach and at first its an incredibly foreign concept to them. It's only foreign because in our society, after a certain age, we're typically no longer encouraged to embody the core principles of creativity as a way of being in the world and in our own lives.

I've been studying the principles of Creativity for over 20 years and whenever I observe someone who embodies the Trifecta of Creativity, it fills me with delight!

One person whom I feel embodies the core principles is Oprah Winfrey. When you watch Oprah interview someone you can see these three principles at work in her being.

First, she is inherently curious about the person or the subject and if she isn't the interview doesn't work nearly as well.

Second, if the first principle has been met, she'll ask lots of exploratory style questions or prompt the person with an exploratory style thought prompt. The person she's interviewing usually has a world view or theory on life enhancement, personal development and spirituality that's unique or different than hers so Oprah will ask the kinds of questions that reflect her desire to expand her world view and to do that she chooses to explore the world through others.

Lastly, she's even coined a name for the final core principle of creativity, "make discoveries." She calls it having an AHA moment!

Oprah's entire life and career are centered on creativity and creative thinking. One of the reasons her weekly talk show was so successful is because of her intuitive understanding of the Trifecta of Creativity. In the late 90's she, along with her team, created a style of programming that was unlike anything else being done and each week her viewers were invited to engage with the core principles of creativity as many of the shows invited us to stay curious, explore the world around us and to make discoveries about ourselves!

You also can use the Trifecta of Creativity to experience more meaning and satisfaction in your personal and professional life.

First, you can practice being curious by asking questions far beyond the norm. Try different combinations of ideas. Put something that wouldn't naturally seem to fit into the scenario and find out how it can enhance your idea and your thinking. Second, you can practice exploring the world around you by talking to people you might never speak to. For example, when you're at the gym or even at your child's school you can put this into practice. Give yourself permission to be genuinely interested in finding out what lies beyond your circle of exposure. Lastly, you will naturally put into practice making discoveries by committing to the first two principles! When you make new discoveries it opens you up and moves you out of your comfort zone. When you are moved beyond your comfort zone you experience the kissing cousins of courage and confidence. When you are more courageous and confident you access the freedom to try new things, and be creative.

Creativity is largely an intuitive and emotion-centered experience and that's also a reason why many people shy away from experiencing and expressing their creative side. However, everyone is innately creative and I invite you to utilize the Trifecta of Creativity to help you more fully experience the wonder that is your life with.


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