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“This my sh*t, bow down b*tches.”

If you were hiding under a rock a few weeks back you might have thought that edgy pop star Rihanna released new music, or perhaps it was a rapper deciding to indulge in the misogyny of the business. But make no mistake; those lyrics were from none other than “King Bey” herself.

I’m not sure when the talk of Beyoncé being a “feminist” started circulating, but the lyrics of her latest song were a little contradictory to some of her previous messages. Telling “b*tches” to bow down, might cause a little discrepancy after she belted the girl power anthem “Run The World (Girls)” last year.

“This goes out to all the women getting it in. Get on your grind.”

Why yes Bey, can we acknowledge the other women on their grind? Because although no one can take your talent away from you, the “Beysus” and “Beehive” references can get a little overwhelming.

Since the late 90s, Beyoncé has been meticulously building her brand, making it almost impossible for competition. While that was fine for other songstresses who tried to claim rights to the throne, it left those close to her seemingly struggling to find their own voices.

But fifteen years later, out from the shadows emerged two women who have developed in their own right. Sister Solange Knowles and former band-mate Kelly Rowland have been making their mark on popular culture.

When Solange appeared in Bow Wow’s “Puppy Love” video, the world began buzzing about Beyoncé’s kid sister. Fourteen-year-old Solange, adorned with a head full of blonde braids, bounced around as the teen rapper’s leading lady.

I was only in elementary school back then, but I didn’t recall hearing that good remarks about Solange’s debut on the playground. The comparison between her and her older sister had already begun.

The next time I remembered seeing Solange was in Destiny’s Child’s Soldier video. It seemed like just the other day she had been petting puppies with Bow Wow, and here she was premiering her pregnancy bump at 18. After news of her pregnancy broke, she announced that she would also be getting married. But in 2007, Solange found herself 21 with child and divorced.

Being the younger sister who lives life different from their older sister is hard enough in real life, adding Beyoncé to your life must not have made it any easier.

Fast forward a couple of years and Solange has become fashion forward and a hidden treasure in the “hipster” music scene. She released an EP, True, in November and graced the SXSW stage on March 15.
Beyoncé’s sister in music Kelly Rowland seems to found her niche as well. When we first saw Kelly, she was in the four-member group Destiny’s Child. Her short pixie cut set her apart from her band-mates. After all the “survivor-like” drama surrounding her music group, Kelly remained with Destiny’s Child until the group’s last album Destiny Fulfilled.

Kelly tried her hand at solo attempts like her 2002 duet with Nelly in “Dilemma” and her 2007 release of Miss Kelly. Both endeavors weren’t failures, but when Kelly had the summer banger “Motivation” people began to see her as something than other “the girl from Destiny’s Child.”

From the summer of 2011 and on, Kelly graced the red carpets in stunning garments, looks so stunning that she’s earned a couple spots on best-dressed lists. Kelly knocked it out of the park at the 2013 Grammy’s wearing Georges Chakra couture line, which was a blend of sultry sophistication.

2013 has already proved to be a promising year for Miss Kelly, from reuniting with Destiny’s Child at the Super Bowl to hosting BET’s Rip the Runway. Even her guest appearances on Lala’s Full Court Life show a relaxed Kelly who seems to have found peace within her.

In my journey in womanhood I find solace in seeing these two women who once seemed unsure beam with confidence.

“This goes out to all the women getting it in. Get on your grind.”

Hats off to you ladies, hats off.

Kristin Corry is a Print/Online Journalism major studying at Howard University.

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