Three Keys to Create Strong Mental Habits and Get Unstuck

by Denise J. Hart (@MotivationMama)

"You can set your mind free, you just have to believe it."

The other day, in response to a Daily Mindset Mojo message that I posted on facebook, I got a message in my facebook mailbox. It said:

"Good morning Denise. I love this...Mindset Mojo - Deliberately create the kind of mental space that will help you crossover to your dreams.' ~ But how does one begin to do that. I feel so stuck." 

This request prompted the topic for this article. I get this kind of question a lot. Since I used to frequently feel this way myself, this question moves me to my core. I can relate to every person who comes to me with this question because I feel their pain.

The way in which I used to mask my being stuck was I would blame everyone else for whatever was happening. It was always my job, sistah friend, boss or boyfriend's fault. Maybe this sounds familiar to you. At the time it really makes perfect since, that is, until you get a new boss, new job, new sistah friend or a new boyfriend and the inability to move forward shows up all over again. New situation, same feeling, and the only constant is you.

You may have the same question as my facebook friend, "How does one begin to do that?" I'm able to provide input and answer this question because it's something I've worked on over the years with myself and with my coaching clients. It's not that I no longer get stuck, it's that I now use and understand 3 important keys to create strong mental habits that I previously was totally unaware of:

  • Understand how to build my momentum
  • Understand how to protect my momentum
  • Understand how to maintain my momentum

Momentum is defined as "force of movement." Whenever you're feeling stuck, that's really what's going on, something is preventing you from moving forward. That "something" begins with your mindset.

Let's break down the Momentum Mindset:

  1. Understand how to build momentum - the most common thing that undermines this key is that we get stuck in perfectionist thinking versus process thinking. Process thinking is when you allow things to unfold as you also cause things to develop. Perfectionist thinking... is not necessary!
  2. Understand how to protect momentum - many people are immobilized because they don't know what kind of step to take and when to move to the next step. Sometimes a tiny step is all you need to take to get yourself going again. No matter the size of the step you take your goal is to be in motion so whether its tiny, small, big, bold or a leap or you're soaring, take a step forward.
  3. Understand how to maintain your momentum - if you are trying to achieve your goals and dreams alone or in a vacuum, than you are more likely to stay stuck. You need to create an accountability system that fits your needs and personality. A few accountability environments are one to one, in person groups or virtual groups.

One of the other things that I've learned over the years is that being stuck isn't always a bad thing. What I mean is, you might be interpreting a situation as you being stuck when what's actually going on is that you need to stay in the situation a bit longer so you can learn all that you need to learn from it. (Of course, this does not include situations of abuse and/or danger.) Evaluate each situation to determine if you need to learn something valuable and if the answer is yes, then determine to learn the lesson and move on.

Feeling stuck and being aware that you really want to, no, really need to be moving forward is an invitation from the Universe telling you it's time to go to your next level of greatness! Being stuck needn't be your zip code. Go ahead, give it a try, implement the lessons in the Momentum Mindset and yes, you too can eventually soar!


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Denise J. Hart, The Motivated Mindset Coach, is committed to helping women design their “Don’t Quit” attitude and KICK fear to the curb. She’s a member of world renowned speaker and transformation coach, Lisa Nichols’ Global Leaders team and author of the forthcoming book, “Your Daily Mindset Mojo – 365 power thoughts to help you change your mindset and transform your life!” Get your free daily mindset mojo inspiration at

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