Take A Little Harriet With You Wherever You Go

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Harriet Tubman epitomizes the fortitude and bravery of black women. She’s the definition of strength, character and resolve in the face of danger and injustice. Though she may not get her due, Harriet is an American hero.

We want all of our children to grow up knowing their history. They deserve positive role models, so encourage them to to connect the past to their futures in the Moses Fire tee for girls.

The tees are a part of Okllo's Great Americans line. The tee features a striking portrait of Harriet Tubman. She sits atop a Moses Fire lily -- a perfect fit for a woman deemed the Moses of the Underground Railroad.

All tri-colored raglans are custom made by American Apparel, for Okllo – 100% soft cotton and Made in the USA!

The shirt was designed by Lourdes and Seth Minteer who use art and cool tees to inspire kids to aspire to their best human potential.

The Moses Fire tee for girls is available here
Teach the future about our magnificent past.

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