How to Keep it Classy When People Get on your Last Nerve

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by Denise J. Hart

It could be on the job, in your family or in your friend circle, but no matter where it happens, when people get on your last nerve it can make you feel like going postal instead of keeping it classy.  When it happens on your job, how you respond can be the difference between keeping your job or being released to do something you're better suited for.  But I hear you asking, but Denise, what should I do? How should I respond?

Maybe you're facing a similar challenge and you also feel like instead of thinking of positive solutions to the problem, you'd rather sell tickets to your own personal boxing match!  Well, I know how you feel. Several years ago, I faced a similar situation and I used what I learned from that situation to create "5 Tips to Help you Keep it Classy when People get on your Last Nerve!"

Antagonistic people can be the worst, but it's also an opportunity in one heck of a disguise! I previously worked with two people who were intent upon making my work experience miserable and I would do anything to avoid them, but that was virtually impossible. It was the most challenging thing (at that time) for me to be kind to them, when they weren't inclined to return the energy. However, I decided to speak to them and treat them as if their behavior did not matter. I reasoned that they were not in control and that God was. I also reminded myself that they were not physically harming me.

In addition to Life and Business Coaching, I've spent the past 14 years as a theatre professor and in our profession, the antagonist is always the person who creates opposition for the hero.  Actually, this definition is part of the reason we have such a difficult time figuring out how to deal with and be around antagonistic people.  Since we're the "star" in our own life, anything or anyone that doesn't support our sense of stardom has to go, and quickly.  Once we step back from our own star status and recognize the antagonistic person for who they really are at that time, a hurting imperfect human being, than we can put into practice one or more of the 5 tips.
Here are 5 tips that can help you keep it classy in the worst of situations:

1) minimize your contact with the person as much as is naturally acceptable
2) treat them with kindness and appreciation whenever you are around them. This means you will need to first think these genuine thoughts.
3) continue to execute the job God has entrusted to you with excellent stewardship
4) release all feelings of hurt and anger towards them because as you project your thoughts of anger/frustration/disappointment that is what you are attracting back to yourself from them
5) remember the essential truth of the law of abundance - what I want for myself I want for everyone else. There is no limit. So, on a daily basis pray that your supervisor receive her heart's desire.
What positive techniques have you used to help you work through a difficult situation and or responding to a challenging person in your life?


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