Alysia Montano Runs in US Track and Field Championships at 34 Weeks Pregnant

This week five-time US national champion Alysia Montano ran at this year's national championships while only weeks away from giving birth to her first child.

Montano's clocked in at 2 minutes, 32.13 seconds in the qualifying rounds. Though she placed last in her heat, Montano explained her decision not to sit out this year: "What I found out mostly was that exercising during pregnancy is actually much better for the mom and the baby. ... I did all the things I normally do ... I just happened to be pregnant. This is my normal this year."

She's won 800 national titles in her competitive career, and finish is still pretty remarkable.

I'll admit that until recently I had an extremely uninformed viewpoint about pregnant women exerting themselves physically. It's great to see Montano and others in the public eye working against the misinformation.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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