I'll See You at Blogging While Brown 2014 Courtesy of AT&T

This year I've partnered with AT&T to attend Blogging While Brand. Each year around this time, I follow the conference's hashtag and wish I could attend. This will be my first year attending, and I'm beyond excited to see so many of my faves in person.

As a guest of AT&T, I'm privy to a new initative they'll be announcing at Blogging While Brown's close.

As a gadget lover who regularly attends Sunday church services. I've been on the receiving end of more than a few side eyes for using my iPhone or iPad in service. Though my home church is fairly progressive on this matter, many are not. Some of those side eyes may have been warranted (I'm a social media addict), but even when I'm just pulling up a Bible app, I get a strong sense that a lot of church folks view technology in the sanctuary as purely a distraction.

AT&T's Inspired Mobility initiative is working to integrate technology into services. I had a chance to speak with Jason Caston of AT&T about what he hopes to achieve, and I can't wait to see they're able to achieve.

Technology is simply another way to deliver information to the people who seek it and the church shouldn't be afraid. Additionally, this will be a new way to reach young church goers. As someone who builds community online, I recognize that the new means of community building can be just as effective and "real" as those we create offline.

Though I'm still a fan of attending church in person, I would greatly appreciate alternatives for the days I can't make it. Of course all churches simply don't have the resources to achieve this; hopefully, this will become a standard practice in coming years. If nothing else, my generation desires flexibility in all areas of our lives, and this is just another example.

We can absolutely keep it respectful while accomodating the needs of 21st century lives.

Anyways I'll be doing a follow-up after the conference ends!

Check my social media accounts for updates from the conference. I'll be liveblogging and doing it for the 'gram.

If you're attending, feel free to say hello.

If you're a blogger and you couldn't make it this year, follow the #BWBNYC hashtag. You'll be privy to a wealth of information.

Disclaimer: Thoughts are my own, but I have been compensated by AT&T for this post.

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