L.A. District Attorney Undecided on Charging Officer Who Beat Marlene Pinnock

Los Angeles County prosecutors have yet to decide whether they will pursue criminal charges in the assault of Marlene Pinnock by a California Highway Patrol officer.

51-year-old Pinnock said she was walking along and minding her own business when Andrew tackled her and punched her repeatedly in the face. Andrew later said he was trying to restrain her to keep her from walking into traffic.

The beating was captured on cellphone video by someone driving by at the time of the attack. 

As part of a settlement announced Wednesday night, the officer identified in federal court papers as Daniel L. Andrew will resign and Ms. Pinnock will receive $1.5 million.

Andrew, who was with the CHP less than two years, was assigned to desk duty after the attack.

While the District Attorney’s Office has not yet decided whether to file charges, former prosecutor Steve Meister said even with video evidence, an argument can be made the officer used force to prevent a potentially deadly multiple car crash on the 10 Freeway.

He punched her several times in the face, that may or may not have been necessary,” said Meister. “His need to respond to the situation was clear, but he may have ended up taking it too far.”

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