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Over the last decade, black women’s hair has become a topic of discussion, not only amongst salon goers, but also throughout society. Chris Rock’s documentary “Good Hair” gave the world insight into the secret society of relaxers, wigs and weave. Since then, women of color have embraced their right to decide how they wear their hair and the processes they undergo to achieve that look.

One of the most common methods of hairstyling is through hair extensions, or what we call a weave. While hair extensions can be traced back to ancient Egypt, modern day weaves entered the mass market in the 1980s with Kanekalon, a synthetic form of human hair attributed to the Japanese. Since then, there have been many forms of “good hair”—including Yaki, Indian Remy, and Chinese manufactured hair—labeled exotically, with names such as Brazilian, Malaysian and Peruvian. While there has been progression in hair extensions catering to black women, there has yet to be a product that completely meets their needs… until now.

“One of the main reasons there has been such a struggle to provide black women with the best product, is because almost all of the manufacturers, wholesalers and resellers of the hair are not African American,” said Javonté Anyabewlé, CEO of Lady eLouise, the parent company of MADALI Hair. There is now a hair extensions company that not only knows the best products for the market, but also understands the cultural nuances of black women. “For me, MADALI represents the
women in my family, the women at my church, the women I went to school with, and the women who have made such amazing contributions to the fabric of our world.”

Lady eLouise is the first 100% Black-owned hair extensions company to be located in Asia. Based in Singapore, the company boasts an advantage over those based in the States by sourcing the 100% virgin human hair directly from the processing source in the Philippines. With quality as its number one priority, Lady eLouise’s MADALI Hair is the best in the market, with a guarantee of no shedding, tangling or matting; which is backed by their free shipping and free return policy.

“We searched far and wide for the best product and we found it in Filipino hair,” said Lady eLouise President, Aaron Mitchell. “Aside from the quality of the craftsmanship, we really found hair that was more reflective of our own hair.”

MADALI Hair is available online at Also, follow Madali Hair on Facebook (, Instagram (@MadaliHair) and Twitter (@MadaliHair).

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