Meagan Good, Nude Photos and Why Some Christians Need to Have a Seat

by Ogechi Emechebe Actress Meagan Good found herself to be yet another victim of celebrities whose nude photos were leaked online. While...

by Ogechi Emechebe

Actress Meagan Good found herself to be yet another victim of celebrities whose nude photos were leaked online. While confirming that the photos were indeed her, she expressed how she was “in shock” and “saddened” by the scandal. The photos were meant for her husband, preacher DeVon Franklin. Good also stated how she was hurt by the harsh criticism and judgment she received from fellow Christians. In an Instagram post, she wrote:

“...It’s been disappointing to receive such harsh judgment & criticism from my own brothers and sisters - when my husband and I were the ones who were violated and had our intimate moments exposed against our will…”

And yes, those Christians did not hold back. Some condemned Good for having the audacity to take such explicit pictures while being a preacher’s wife. Others said she shouldn’t have taken such pics in the first place and as a celebrity and wife, she should set better examples to other women and girls. And all I have to say to those Christians is - have a seat.

Let me tell you why. Meagan did nothing wrong by sharing intimate photos with her husband. She did nothing wrong by sharing those moments with a man she was MARRIED to. Now where in the bible does it condemn two married people for being intimate with one another? Where in the bible does it say a married man and woman cannot be sexual with one another, regardless of how they choose to express their sexuality? I have read the bible from Genesis to Revelations, so if I happened to miss those verses, Lord forgive me.

I probably missed it because it doesn’t exist. I am speaking directly to self proclaimed Christians here - your arguments and criticism against Megan hold no ground because what she is doing is totally appropriate within the confines of her marriage. You can do the exact same outside of marriage; I’m all for that, but if we are going to use the bible as the guideline to judge her then you might as well find another case to argue because ya’ll are seriously losing this one.

Forget that her body, privacy and intimate moments were completely violated and shared across social media for the world to see. Forget that she took those pics for her husband’s eyes only; not for you, your gawking boyfriend, or innocent daughter who looks up to Meagan. Forget that exposing nude photos is actually a form of sexual harassment and a mechanism to shame, humiliate and put blame on the victims for simply having pictures on their personal phones. Forget all that and let’s just skip to the crusade against the shameless preacher’s wife who took naked pictures. I’m baffled at how people who claim to be righteous, loving and followers of God’s word can sit back and be so judgmental, harsh and unforgiving.

Is there anything inherently wrong with spicing up your married sex life? Or are Christians too scared and prude to do such things? Just the same old missionary every night because anything otherwise may be deviant from the bible’s teachings? Are you jealous your breasts don’t look as good as Meagan’s? I know I am.

“But she’s a preacher’s wife!”

Yes, she is. Is she your wife? Better yet, why is this even an argument? Meagan is a grown ass woman who can make grown ass decisions and she definitely doesn’t need your approval. Why is it when a woman does something that some may disapprove of, she is suddenly “someone’s wife, daughter, sister, mother,” aka someone’s possession? She exists outside of her role as a wife, as do all women because it’s about damn time we are seen as individuals, not walking vaginas who submit our lives to our husbands, children, family, church, society, etc. God forbid we have lives outside of that.

“She shouldn't be taking such pictures if she didn't want it leaked!”

Okay. Make sure you're not one of those people who have bank apps on their phones because if it gets hacked into and all your account information gets shared on social media, I'll make a mental note to show up at your door reminding you how dumb you were to have the app on your phone.

“She’s not setting good examples as a Christian woman!”

Did the bible nominate Meagan to be the next Jesus? Don’t remember that. If I’m wrong, direct me to the section in the bible that claims this and I’ll promise to take notes. But before you do that, read the bible. Don’t take its word out of context, and set the examples yourself.

Now don’t get me wrong - I grew up in the church and consider myself a Christian, but this act of sitting back and waiting for someone to make a move we don’t approve of so we can publicly crucify them needs to stop. I’ll admit my lifestyle and ideologies may not necessarily line up exactly with God’s word and ideal Christian beliefs, and I’m okay with that. But I’m not okay with victim blaming, finger pointing, highly judgmental attitude and baseless arguments over trivial matters. Unless it impacts your life in any way, I don’t see why photos that were meant to be between a husband and wife are having such a negative influence on your day.

So I’ll just end this right here - if you're a fellow Christian and you were offended by Meagan’s nude photos, I highly suggest you have a seat. In fact go to your church, pick a pew anywhere in the congregation and sit down. It’s wise to choose a comfortable seat because seeing how times are changing and people are getting sick of your hypocritical crap, you just may be sitting down till Jesus comes back.

Ogechi Emechebe is a journalism major that loves reporting on issues such as gender equality,  social justice and healthy lifestyles. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading,  working out and cooking.  Email her.

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