Houston Woman Shot in Head During Alleged Road Rage Incident

28-year-old Kay Hafford was shot in the back of the head during a morning road rage incident in Houston.

According to ABC News, Hafford was driving on I-45 this morning when another driver shot her from his vehicle. Hafford got onto the interstate and honked her horn at a driver in a white SUV when the altercation occurred, police said.

Hafford was on her way to work at the time of the incident.

"She let him know by blowing her horn that he shouldn't have cut her off," her husband Kendrick Hafford told reporters.

She was able to pull over and call 911 after the suspect fired one shot at her right window and only realized that she was bleeding while she was talking to the operator.

Officials say she was in and out of consciousness during the call. While talking to first responders, she was able to give them her husband's contact information and he arrived at the scene before she was transported to a nearby hospital, police said.

There were other calls made to 911 about a driver in a white SUV and now investigators are trying to track the driver, who they believe is a man who was wearing a blue baseball cap. He was last seen going southbound on I-45.

"I'm truly, truly upset. It could have been a lot worse," her husband said, calling her "a tough cookie."

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