11 Reasons Why Michelle Obama Has Been a Perfect First Lady

by Ogechi Emechebe I love Michelle Obama. Having the opportunity to witness the first black family in the White House, I could’ve never a...

by Ogechi Emechebe

I love Michelle Obama. Having the opportunity to witness the first black family in the White House, I could’ve never asked for a better First Lady. Michelle keeps it real all the time and has never backed down from being vocal on important social issues—including the powerful commencement speech she recently gave at Tuskegee University, where she talked about her experiences with race and gave the students advice on how to deal with racism as they step into the real world.

Given the racial tensions America is experiencing right now, I admire Michelle’s bravery to touch on a topic that most white and non-black folks are “tired of hearing.” It was a much needed conversation to have because racism is a reality for black college graduates. Michelle opened up and spoke about her worries of how people would perceive her as the first African-American First Lady: Would they think she was too loud? Too emasculating? Too angry?

It’s the same worry most black women have as we navigate through work, school, and public arenas. Despite black women’s education, hard work, and success, we’re still plagued by harmful stereotypes and preconceived notions.

Predictably, Michelle’s speech was met with harsh criticism. I knew I shouldn’t have watched the Fox News videos circulating my Facebook feed, but my curiosity to see more of that station’s foolishness gave in. On Fox and Friends, contributor Angela McGlowan said Michelle should thank affirmative action for her academic and professional success.

Umm, what?

There’s been lots of insults hurled at FLOTUS but this one takes the cake. And to see these words escape the mouth of McGlowan—a black woman—made me even more furious. McGlowan has been drinking the poisoned Kool-Aid her white conservative “friends” have been offering her, so for now she needs to have a seat next to Stacey Dash.

Michelle Obama has done so much these seven years that she’s been in the White House and it’s time that we recognize and praise her achievements. Let me take a moment to highlight the 10 reasons why she has been BEST FLOTUS in American history.
  1. She declared Black Girls Rock earlier this year. Michelle made an appearance at the annual Black Girls Rock awards show this year and explicitly stated what many of us already know: we really do rock. Of course, it had many people in their feelings, but we don’t care. Imagine how many little black girls got a self-esteem boost after the First Lady of the United States told them they matter. We will never forget that. 
  2. She founded Let’s Move, an initiative to solve childhood obesity and improve young people’s health. She’s dedicated to making sure kids get moving and have access to healthy, nutritious food. Though the campaign has brought complaints from parents who claim Mrs. Obama shouldn’t police their children’s diets, it just proves people are really threatened by black women who do great things.
  3. She can dance her ass off. Have ya’ll seen her Uptown Funk dance choreography? 
  4. She knows Black Lives Matter. Michelle’s Tuskegee commencement speech proves she’s aware of the hateful world many new graduates are entering and equipped them with advice to overcome it. As a Chicago resident, I remember my city’s collective pain after the death of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, a black girl shot to death just miles away from the Obamas’ Chicago home only a few weeks after she performed during President Obama’s 2013 Inauguration events. Michelle flew back home to be at her funeral and pay her respects. 
  5. She’s in great shape. Michelle has been vocal about her exercise regimen and encourages others to get up and be active. She’s also challenged Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Fallon to push up competitions in the past. No wonder she has such great arms!
  6. Her style is impeccable. She knows how to dress in ways that compliment her figure, making many of us envious of those great arms and long legs. 
  7. Her marriage to Barack is everything. I want the kind of love Michelle and Barack have for each other. Barack has been very vocal about how much he loves, appreciates, and respects his wife. He’s always thanking her for being his biggest supporter and cheerleader. They share a special bond that I pray to have with my future husband. 
  8. She co-founded Joining Forces, an initiative that ensures service members, veterans, and their families have the tools they need to succeed throughout their lives. 
  9. She has a great personality. Before Michelle, most first ladies looked unfriendly, uptight, and stood like mannequins behind their husbands without ever making their mark in the White House. Nope, not Michelle! She’s friendly, charismatic, and has a great sense of humor. I love how she’s worked hard to be seen as an individual by doing her own work as First Lady. She’s doing big things too and creating her own legacy. 
  10. She has always been an impressive individual in her own right. From attending Princeton University for undergraduate studies, to graduating from Harvard Law School, to being a successful lawyer and administrator, Michelle Obama has always set a great example of what it means to be an intelligent, accomplished woman. 
  11. She’s the FIRST BLACK FIRST LADY. Enough said! 
I can’t get enough of Michelle Obama. She has not received nearly enough praise and recognition for her great work. When I saw her speaking at Black Girls Rock, tears were rolling down my cheeks. Not only because of what she was saying, but because our time with her is almost at an end. It’s almost been eight years since she gracefully took her position in the White House. Who knows when we’ll ever see another black First Lady, and if we do, whether she will even be comparable to Michelle.

In the little time we have left with Michelle Obama, I want her to know that regardless of what people are saying about her, black women and girls are rooting for her. We love her, we support her, we are here for her as much as she’s here for us. Michelle Obama is the best First Lady our nation has ever had and she deserves to know that!

Photo: Ben Baker / Redux

Ogechi Emechebe enjoys reading, writing and cooking. Her topics of interest include gender equality, social justice and healthy lifestyles. She describes herself as a gym rat with a slight obsession of eating healthy. Email her at emechebe1021@yahoo.com or follow her on Twitter @IgboGirl21.

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