Kansas Elected Official Called Teenage Girl "N*gger B*tch" in a Fit of Road Rage

A city councilman in Edwardsville, Kansas is in hot water after reportedly calling a teenaged girl a "n*gger b*tch" on Sunday, May 3rd.

According to 17-year-old Kali Chatmon, she was turning onto a local road when she nearly collided with a man driving a black Lincoln. Scared and remorseful for almost hitting the other car, Chatmon attempted to apologize to the driver.

And that's when she said he verbally attacked her, swearing at her and hurling racist epithets. Chatmon told local news station, WDAF-TV, “He was just saying things like, ‘Go back to Baltimore.’ Then he called me a black n*gger bitch.”

Chatmon told her parents about the incident. When they saw the man's car in the parking lot of a local restaurant, they confront him. And that's when they learned he was newly elected Edwardsville City Councilman Chuck Stites.

Chatmon is demanding an apology and for Stites to resign from his city council position. "It really hurt my feelings. I want an apology and I want him to step down," she expressed.

Her parents also want answers. They attended a recent city council meeting to address Stites and other council members, but Stites did not respond to them. A member of the local NAACP chapter joined the Chatmon family at the meeting.

Stites later told the news station that "it was all a big misunderstanding," and he did not plan on resigning from his position.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigations is looking into the incident.

Watch WDAF-TV's news report with Kali Chatmon here.

Photo: WDAF-TV

Michelle Denise Jackson is Senior Editor at For Harriet. You can email her at michelle@forharriet.com.

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