Are There Things That Pregnant Women Just Shouldn't Do?

Unless you've sequestered yourself from the black blogosphere gossip (in which case, I envy you), you've heard that Alicia Keys is pregnant with the child of her recently divorced fiance.

Alicia's occupied womb did not, however, stop her from giving Prince the tribute of a lifetime. While singing the classic slow jam "Adore" Ms. Keys seductively climbed (barefoot) on top of her piano where she proceeded to writhe as an ode to the renowned antics of "The Purple One."

Reaction to Alicia's performance was...mixed. Truth be told, the whole thing was just a little bit awkward. Sure she was trying to have fun with the performance, but did Alicia, who is reportedly 5 months pregnant, have any business doing it?

One of the one hand you've got to be a little bit concerned for Alicia's fetus. On the other hand, she's pregnant but she's not dead.

Are there some things that women should just hang up once they get pregnant?

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