Girl Please!!! Let’s talk about weight

A few weeks ago I came across this saddening article. It was also an eye opener. In Lithonia, GA a woman was charged $5 more at the nail salon because she was overweight. Michelle Fonville assumed she was accidently overcharged. But it was not an accident. She was charged more because of her weight!!! The owner felt Michelle’s weight was a risk to the $2500 chair. In no shape, form, or fashion do I agree with the mistreatment of Michelle Fonville. I could not imagine the humiliation she felt when realizing the truth. But her situation had me thinking:

Why are so many black women overweight?

Now before I get the eye rolling and “here we go again” or people saying “another black woman saga.” Hear me out. First and foremost I am a black woman and I love and care about black women. Which is why I am not discussing Asian women, white women or whoever else; I am focusing on the women who look like me. I do not want to see us living unhealthy lives when there are ways we can make changes. But why are WE so big?

Maybe it is because of what I stated in my post we do not cook. We have become fast food fiends. If we do cook we are not cooking healthy. We have become slaves to the salt, grease, sugar, preservatives etc.

Maybe its because we have been told so many times that we are “thick”, “curvy”, “healthy”, or “big-boned” when in actuality we are just fat. I am a big woman. I have been called all of those terms of endearment. I have been pursued by many men of various ages, background, social class, etc. but despite the love I may receive from the opposite sex, I am big. I am not a healthy weight size. I am attempting to live a healthier life by eating better and becoming more active.

So imagine if you were Michelle Fonville:

What would you have done…

What would you have thought…

How would you have felt…

Finished thinking? Good.

Now think about your weight and your health. Can you walk up and down stairs without becoming winded? Are you constantly in the drive-thru at McDonald’s?

This is my PSA from a big woman to big women. We need to get up, get out, and do something. I love my size but I know I can be better. I can love my size even more as I drop from an 18 to an 8. I am challenging all my big women to join me. It is going to be a hard journey. But if you do not make the life changes for you at least make it for your family. I do not know about the rest of you but I plan on living a long healthy life. So if I have to change my eating habits, walk up the stairs, and wake up earlier to go walking then I will. You do not need a gym membership in order to get healthy. There are various small steps you can do to achieve your fitness goals.

I challenge each and every one of you to join me in the “1 day at a time challenge.” Do not focus on a weight loss goal but focus on doing 1 physical activity each day for at least 30 days. Try it even if it is only taking the stairs at work or walking in place while you are home watching TV. Keep in mind being fit is not only about the size of your clothes but also about being healthy and living without preventable diseases.

So what are you going to do about your health? What type of changes do you plan on making? Or are you just “fine” the way you are?

Speak on it!!

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