Fill The Void in Your Life: Finding Purpose During Your Journey

Many times as young adults we get stuck. We have graduated, may have the dream job, the

dream relationship, and the dream life. We are living our lives spending our times with friends

and getting to know ourselves yet we are unfulfilled. As young adults we are prone to having

lists/goals (which is definitely a good thing) we may check off.

- Social life

- Dating

- Family

- Professional

- Spiritual

- Health

We check these things yet we still wonder what is missing. “My life is full yet I still feel empty” we may complain to our friends and our family. When you are seeking something more than your friends, family, job, social groups, or church can offer look within yourself to find out what is missing. Here are a few things you can try to fill that emptiness in your life.

Follow your passions/dreams. My passion has always been writing. I have been writing since I was a child. I have written short stories, poems, plays, and essays. I have been keeping a journal since I was 12 and I am now 27. My dream was to always become a writer and own a magazine and have a talk or radio show. I wanted to overall use my writings to change the world. (Yes, I wanted to be Oprah when I was in high school)

Learn something new. You have gone as far as you wanted to go in your education yet you are still looking to learn something new. If you want to learn Spanish- go ahead. If you want to learn how to belly dance- go ahead. I always wanted to learn how to play the guitar (Thanks to India.Arie). Online classes are all over on the internet and you can choose those that interest you. Even if you just want to further your education by pursuing the doctorate degree or change it all together –go ahead.

Meditate/Relax. Take some time our and really enjoy your freedom. You no longer have those papers to write. That study group to attend. I know when I was in graduate school I did not have time to think. I was always on the go; writing a paper, going to internship, going to work, trying to sleep. I enjoy this freedom I have now. I am able to catch up on all the sleep I did not get within those 3 years. I tend to spend my free time following my passion/dreams (see bullet #1), reading and listening to music. Whatever gets you in the zone- Do it.

Change your look. Sometimes changing your look may be the problem solver. It will definitely put you outside your comfort zone and encourage you to stand boldly. In the spring of 2008, I chopped all my hair off and went natural. It was a liberating experience for me. I love my fro!! Maybe you do not want to do something that bold, so try a different hair color, piercing or tattoo. One of the things I have been working on is my weight (losing and staying fit).

Volunteer. Sometimes we can have everything we want but the only thing missing is our presence in the community. We all have various interests and depending on your interest mentoring or tutoring may be for you. Perhaps you are an outdoors type and would love to coach a team. Even if you do not have time to devote every weekend or every week there are many opportunities where you can volunteer as your schedule will allow. For more information on activities in your area visit the Hands on Network website. Volunteering in the community is very dear to me. As a social worker, I always felt being a “social worker” was much more than going to work clocking in/ clocking out and working with your clients. It is a mindset of giving back to the community regardless of receiving a paycheck.

Travel. You can now visit the place you always wanted to go but never had the time. I know nowadays money may be the issue. If you collaborate with some of your friends you could find a cheap trip. Maybe you all can obtain fulfillment and rejuvenate your lives.

These are just some tips I suggest (and most I have tried) to help me fill the emptiness I had in my life. I can honestly say they have worked for me. What are some things you would add to the list? What have you tried that work or did not work? Speak on it!!

Opinionated, educated, motivated, and dedicated; Stacy Australia isn't afraid to say what she means and mean what she says. She strives to utilize her writings to make this world a little more enjoyable. Her writings are a little of her, a little of you, and a little of the world. Take this ride with her as she travels the road of the many writers before her. Reflect with her as she talks about love, relationships, family, pop-culture, spirituality, sex, and everything in between. Get to know this 20 something Southern Belle as she sips on her sweat tea mix with lemonade while jamming on her IPOD with a pen and paper on her lap. ( (

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