The Best of For Harriet

We're going to be doing some behind the scenes work at For Harriet, The Culture, and Voices Lifted, so updates at the site will be sparse until next week. Until then, take a minute to catch up on some of our most popular and most talked about articles.

UPDATED: Reporter Jawn Murray Calls Black Women "Militant" and "Nappy-Headed"
Black Like Me: When Being Light-Skinned Isn't A Privilege
Filmmaker Makes Documentary Exploring Sexual Terrorism at Spelman and Morehouse
The Most Inspiring Black Women on Twitter Part 2 and Part 3
If It Isn't Love: Don't Make Excuses for A Love That's Not Right For You
The Best Black Female Characters in Television History
Portrait of a Siditty Negro Artist as Tyler Perry
Living With Bipolar Disorder: One Black Woman Shares Her Story
When Did Black Women Start Hating Black Men
Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush: Why Lowering Your Standards Doesn't Work

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Every little bit helps.

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