Did We Let Carol's Daughter Off The Hook Too Easily?

I've been anxiously awaiting the response to the Carol's Daughter fiasco from What About Our Daughters founder Gina McCauley, but her annual blogcation made a takedown seem unlikely. Gina's proven herself to be a fierce warrior for Black women, and she over-delivered as per usual.

She writes:
Generally speaking most brands that create products for a specific demographic, don't go out of their way to say that their customers are unimportant, unwanted, or obsolete. They may think it, but they will never build a marketing campaign around it.

Behold Carol's Daughter, a company that built itself targeting Black women's beauty and their desire to throw their Black women customers under the bus by declaring that Black women are no longer important and no longer exist.
I never should have doubted her. She goes on to effortlessly dissect the ad's apparent flaws.

It's still difficult to understand how such a tone deaf campaign emanated from a marketing "genius" like Steve Stoute or a visionary like Lisa Price. But the move is ultimately unsurprising. Black women underestimate our value because we are told we are worthless, but how long would Carol's Daughter last without the dollars of us non-exotic beauties?

-Kimberly Foster

Carol's Daughter HATES Black women- Why no Self-Respecting Black Woman Should EVER Purchase Carol's Daughter Products EVER! [What About Our Daughters]

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