Four Keys To Loving Yourself Better

As human beings we are innately wired to gratify the wishes of others in exchange for their acceptance. It is critical that we learn how to love ourselves well enough in order to avoid this disease to please. Only you can honestly answer the question, "What does loving me better look and feel like?"

For the overachiever that may mean understanding that you don't have to compete for every prize, your best is good enough. If you are a mother and a wife trying to keep it together all the time, breathe and unwind because your best is good enough. One of my personal favorites, the serial entrepreneur constantly pursuing the next big thing on a budget less than shoe strings, your best is good enough.

4 keys to reaffirming your best is good enough when your confidence is being corroded by erroneous thought patterns.

1) You were created for a significant purpose. This purpose is intended to be an instrumental note of influence in the life of someone else. Every experience whether good or bad are testimonies of triumph that will inspire others who are now where you once were. Dare to become an emblem of hope as you remind yourself, your best is good enough.

2) Give yourself permission to exit. It is your freewill right to leave the company of anyone whom you deem unworthy of your valuable time and space. We've heard the familiar quote, "To the world, you are one person but to one person, you are the world." Evolve into someone even more beautiful and allow those who treasure your exquisite nature to bask in the essence of your life giving aroma.

3) Find your strength in love. During the seasons where you are questioning if you are making a real difference in the world connect with those who truly love, appreciate and respect the value that you contribute. Additionally, love on yourself with affirmations to rebuild your inner strength and confidence as a powerful individual destined to leave an eternal imprint.

4) Be courageous and try again. After you have experienced a serious disappointment, heartbreak or set back this can be most challenging because of the inner fortitude that is required. You have to resolve internally that you can CONQUER once more. It's not over, its only just begun. When the going gets tough the tough must always remember "Your best is still good enough!" Give it your all and never give up!

Kristie Kennedy is a Women's Beauty, Business, Brilliance and Body Image Coach. Appointed as Ms. Tallahassee, Fl. in 2011-12 to compete for the Ms. Corporate America title in Orlando, Fl. She was crowned as the 2010-11 American Image National Woman in Charleston, SC. or

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