6 Blogs By Black Women You Can't Miss

I love reading what brilliant, black women across the internet publish on their personal blogs. Here's a sampling of the best I came across recently. Be sure to visit and leave comments! - Kim

What came first the chicken or the apathy? // The Feminist Griote
This is America where you are free to openly screw yourself over in the name of waffle fries. This is the only country where a Black man can get a swastika tattooed on his person, and think he is being revolutionary! I am not surprised that many within the queer community see nothing wrong with supporting Chick-Fil-A. As long as long as there is Glee on tv, the President is okay with gay marriage, and we have a prominent Black male artist using both he/she pronouns in his music, we can queue the fat lady. But in actuality there is still work to be done.
Do keep in mind when a company that makes chicken sandwiches chooses to make political donations to anti-gay foundations, make highly charged anti-gay comments, they cease being an apolitical entity. Remember “the personal is always political,” feminism taught me that!
Willow Smith: My Unexpected Shero // Her Soul Inc.
My eleven-year-old self looks up from her journal filled with questions, inhibitions and insecurities and smiles brightly at that example. I was nowhere near confident enough to even think the words, “I’m free to be me,” at eleven. I was awkward and shy and afraid of what anyone would think of my every move. Scared to death of making mistakes and being laughed at. And here Little Miss Willow Smith is, allowing her adolescence to play out for an audience of millions.
Finger on my Lips // Red Bean Dreams
But it can be a time suck.  And I’ve found myself struggling to differentiate when I was speaking because I had something to say, and when I was just shouting over the crowd, dying to be heard for nothing more than the sake of being heard.  Additionally, when you talk too much,  you run the risk of saying something needlessly offensive or out of pocket.  A reset is in order.  Nothing dramatic. I deactivated for a short period. I can’t say how long it will or won’t be. Maybe a day. Maybe a week. Maybe a few weeks.
The One That Got Away (with driving me insane) // Losing My Mind, Finding My Voice
According to Albert Einstein, the definition of insanity is ‘doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results’. Sometimes you can’t see the crazy until the relationship is over and you’ve had time to reflect. This was not the case with me. Right in the middle of it, I could clearly see the crazy and even knew what to do about it. But because I let my feelings and emotions run rampant, I cultivated – and practiced – these five bad habits:
What's in a name? // Sista Outsider

Before I go any further, in the spirit of full disclosure I’d like to mention that I am attracted to (and partnered with) a masculine of center woman. She describes herself as a “soft stud.”  I’m good with that. And if you’ve read my other post Straight Passing, Or on the Invisibility of Femme Lesbians, you know that I identify as femme. And I’m good with that as well. So my issue is not labels per se, indeed, no matter how hard we try, we always end up coming up with new ways to identify ourselves so that others have an idea of who we are or are not.  Likewise, one of the biggest issues that Black women, lesbian or not, face, is society’s ever increasing propensity to impose labels on us that we would never choose for ourselves, in order to make them feel more comfortable, powerful, whatever.
Pro-Choice and Pro-Jesus: Abortion in Faith Perspective // Ari Speaks

The truth is that Christians disagree with each other on a plethora of issues.  We disagree about baptism, sexuality, parenting, worship styles, marriage, when to worship, and even when to celebrate Easter! Some don’t think we should call it Easter, but prefer “Resurrection Sunday.”  The point is we disagree about many things, but we do not hang our faith on these things.  Why?…because these matters are not at the core of our faith.  Yes, we do build theologies, doctrines, and beliefs around all kinds of social issues.  And we have varying faith-inspired opinions about how people should live in light of their relationship with God, but what makes us Christian is our particular belief about how we came to be in relationship with God and how that reality shapes our lives. Abortion is simply not relevant here.

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