Just How Far Will You Go to Keep Tabs on Your Significant Other

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by Jordan Hamilton

Whether we want to admit or not we have all gone through our significant others phone at least once. That sudden urge that takes over your body the moment they get up to leave the room or fall asleep. We have that one little voice in one ear telling us don’t do it, but then we have the other voice in our other ear telling us it won’t hurt to take a small peak.

From experience I know that what was supposed to be a little peak turned into a full blown investigation. We’ve all heard the saying, “If you go looking for something you will find it” at least once in our lives. Although growing up I never put too much thought into the saying, it has turned out to be one of the most truthful revelations known to man.

The trust we claim we have in these relationships totally disappear when we invade each other’s privacy. The fact that we decide to wait until the coast is clear to make a move makes matters even worse. Sneakiness never gets a person far, no matter how far you are trying to go.

In a healthy relationship the three main things needed are trust, honesty and communication. With trust being the leader, the other two characteristics follow suit. Without trust you have absolutely nothing.

These days’ people will move mountains just to make sure that the one they have wrapped around their arm is being just as faithful as they say they are. Technology has helped in destroying peoples trust ever since the rise in social networks. This has given people the power to hack into their significant others messages on Facebook and Twitter, as well as put a tracking device on their cellphone (*beyond extreme*).

Those days when you only had means of sneaking into a cellphone are long gone. The lengths that are taken to keep tabs on another person are not only unrealistic, but they are out of control. Putting yourself in a position where you have to babysit a grown man or woman’s every move is not only time consuming, but it is a total waste of energy.

Trust your mate enough to not have the urge to go into detective mode. Being sneaky doesn’t make you any better of a person than the person who is father to their significant other. If you go looking for that picture or that text message, you will indeed find it. A relationship must be grounded on trust. It takes two people to build a foundation off trust, not just one. If they trust you, have the courage to trust them back. If not, then dismiss yourself from a situation you are obviously too emotionally unstable to handle. Everyone deserves nothing less than the best. When that trust begins to fade, it’s time you re-evaluate what the true meaning of love really is.


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Jordan Hamilton is a Maryland native and soon to be New York City resident. She graduated from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore with a Bachelors Degree in English. She enjoys spending her freedom reading up on the blogs and online shopping.

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