Stop Reacting and Take Strategic Action

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by Denise J. Hart

This week, I want to share my thoughts on something I've been noticing in the web-a-sphere. Maybe you've noticed it and been impacted by it as well. I call it the take action rampage. I've been guilty of it myself at times and it caused me to take a step back, examine myself and to remember to make conscious deliberate adjustments. Read on, and you might see yourself here as well...

"Take action! Take action! Take Action! And then, take some more action! Taking action seems to be the current trendy mantra doesn't it. Many people encourage you to just take action as if it were some kind of magic solution to creating and maintaining momentum in your life and business. Well, as my grandmother would say, don't be so willy-nilly! (that would be doing something without thinking through it first!)

Of course, taking action is important, but what's even more important is the mindset you have when you're ready to take that action. What you really want to do is stop reacting to life and engage in strategic action.

Actually, sometimes, not taking action may be the best action to take. This may sound strange coming from a Momentum Expert and Motivated Mindset Coach, but if you're in transition, reinventing yourself or you've been stuck and unable to move forward your best tactic might be to sit still and strengthen your mindset for success (What's your daily strategy to nurture your mindset for success?).

The danger in taking action just to be taking action (reaction based action steps) is it could actually end up costing you thousands of dollars, your relationship, your sense of integrity and possibly your brand reputation.

Many of us are guilty of consistently choosing reacting versus doing a strategic assessment and benefiting from taking strategic action. If you find yourself in situations where you are justifying your behavior when you know you should have handled something in a more productive way, you've gotten caught up in reaction mode. Reaction based behavior is dangerous because we're making decisions primarily from an emotional state. Yes, emotions are good and valuable, but we also need to calm down and put some conscientious thought to the choices we need to make. Meeting fire with fire just creates more fire! You have to assess and protect your mindset at all times.

Basically, your mindset is the sum total of what you believe. What you believe will dictate what you can receive in your life and business. What you ask for and believe you can have you will receive in direct proportion to what you believe.

Taking action without having clarity of mindset is a BIG no-no. I can't stress it enough, you want to take strategic action not be locked into reaction. The most valuable work we can do is to mind our mindset at all times. This can happen through daily work of up-leveling our focus on truth through the mindset message series, Your Daily Mindset Mojo, through focused daily meditation and through high value classes and trainings that thrust us into a level of consciousness beyond our comfort zone.

So, tell me, what kinds of things are you doing to mind your mindset? What are you challenged with believing is possible for you in your life or your business? Shoot me an email and let's talk Mindset! (

Denise J. Hart, The Motivated Mindset Coach, is committed to helping women design their “Don’t Quit” attitude and KICK fear to the curb. She’s a member of world renowned speaker and transformation coach, Lisa Nichols’ Global Leaders team and author of the forthcoming book, “Your Daily Mindset Mojo – 365 power thoughts to help you change your mindset and transform your life!” Get your free daily mindset mojo inspiration at  

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