10 Black Women on Instagram that Inspire Me to Live Greatly

Since it was released in 2010, over 20 billion photos have been shared on Instagram. Of course we know that nobody’s Instagram (or IG, for short) account is completely transparent about every aspect of their lives. But for the most part, it’s a great way to get to peek into the lives of people we know personally and those we don’t, like celebrities. I have found a mix of women (most are famous, some you may not know…yet) that I actually enjoy following on IG because they inspire me to live greatly with their posts. Here’s a list of ten in no particular order.

Monica Brown

Monica shares via Instagram how she makes it work as a dedicated career woman, devoted mother, loving wife, and so much more! She interacts with her fans, inspires them with her words and sharing her faith. There’s a little style and beauty thrown in, too! Her authenticity is apparent and you can’t help but smile when you see how happy she is at this point in her life!

Holly Robinson Peete

Real is the first word that comes to mind when I see posts from Holly Robinson Peete on Instagram. She’s another super busy working mama that makes dashing from charity galas to her kids’ sporting events look effortless. Some days she’s glammed up, while on other days, she’s dressed down with no makeup and a baseball cap, but everyday - she’s beautiful! Holly seems like such a positive person who is genuine and caring. I love watching her make moves in the industry, advocate for autism awareness, and take care of her family all at the same time on IG.

Jeannette Jenkins

Jeannette is celebrity trainer to the stars, and her IG feed serves as a who’s who in the entertainment industry. She offers daily tips on how to eat well, stay fit, and live a healthy lifestyle. She posts exercises of the day, easy-to-do recipes, and weekly reminders on how to plan your meals. I love that she uses her IG account to help us get to know her a little better and be of help to her followers. There’s a great mix of personal, professional, and inspirational posts from Jeannette that I enjoy.

Angela Simmons

We first got to know Angela from the reality show featuring her famous father, Reverend Run of DMC and their family on MTV’s “Run House” in 2005. She was a young adult then, trying to find her way along with her sister Vanessa. Now she’s a fully grown woman, on the rise toward creating her own fashion empire – all on her own. Fashion, fitness, and living life on her own terms is what Angela seems to be passionate about these days, and I’m loving it.

Ahyiana Angel

Ahyiana Angel is one to watch! She is a writer and creator of the blog, “Life According to Her,” and is gearing up to release her first novel this fall. Ahyiana has many talents that have led her to a colorful career, from doing PR in the NBA to fashion and now writing. Her pictures are gorgeous, motivational, and showcase her wicked sense of style. Follow her to watch a woman in full pursuit of her dreams!

Myleik Teele

Myleik is the CEO and Founder of the wildly popular CURLBOX subscription service for women with naturally curly hair. In a word, Myleik is fierce. Posts from her IG feed reveal a woman on the rise and destined for even greater success than she’s already achieved. By sharing what she’s learned along the way, and compelling her followers to live greatly while they build their dreams, she has become a mentor and friend in the head of many of them.

Tionna Smalls

Professional Matchmaker and businessman Paul C. Brunson once described Tionna’s IG feed as a master class in business. As an author, matchmaker and television personality, she is a true boss lady that is taking hustling to a new level. Her photos show her living out her plan to take to over the world from the ground level. From hosting her own live events to being a featured guest on major talk shows; Tionna doesn’t play when it comes to her grind and she’s taking her 23,000 IG followers with her on the ride!

Neicy Nash

Neicy Nash is so full of personality and it transfers through to her Instagram feed! Her smile is like an overflowing fountain of positive energy. Her career is booming right now as an actress, and I like that she doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously. She’s another hardworking woman, wife, and mother sharing her journey and enjoying her life. And course, she and her husband Jay make the cutest couple!


Tatiana Ward, also known as BeatFaceHoney has a fairytale-worthy story of success, and it all played out on Instagram. She gained notoriety doing song covers and make up tutorials on Youtube, and turned that platform into an opportunity of a lifetime. All through social media, she has managed to become a celebrity make up artist to major stars such as Brandy and Nicki Minaj. Her pictures range from being a struggling artist, to a certified make up artist, to an music artist (she just released her first single on iTunes). I’m amazed by her journey and will continue to watch her rise, on IG picture at a time.

Amy Dubois Barnett

I have been a huge fan of Amy’s for years. Her book, Get Yours!: How to Have Everything You Ever Dreamed of and More left a huge impression on me when I read it about six years ago. She recently stepped down as the Editor-in-Chief of “EBONY” magazine to do more work around her book. As a woman I admire, I enjoy seeing her posts about raising her son, doing what she loves, and making the most out of every day.

Who’s your favorite person or celeb to follow on Instagram? Share their account handle below!

Amber L. Wright, M.A.  is an adjunct professor, writer, communication coach and creator of TalktoAmber.com. Her personal mission is to teach you how to hear and be heard in every area of your life - from the boardroom to the bedroom. Wright’s areas of interest and expertise are in communication, relationships, marriage and popular culture.

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