5 Reasons Why We’re Sick Of Olivia and Fitz

by Kimberly Wilson

By now, we’ve endured four seasons of Olitz and simply put: They get on my last nerve. How much longer can we watch their love unravel on screen, knowing that it is probably the worst relationship in TV history? (Scratch that. Joseline and Stevie J may take the cake.) If you’re like me, you’ve got a laundry list of reasons why you’re sick of Olivia and Fitz, but I’ve narrowed down the top 5 reasons below.

Fitz and Olivia are the couple that everyone is embarrassed to love.
We know that they’re terrible for each other, but we continue to watch every single week secretly hoping that one day they WILL be together. The love is passionate, and we love to indulge in it, knowing that he is not just married, but also the President of the free world. In reality no one wants to cheer on a “homewrecker” or a cheating man who has a powerful woman behind him, but we do. It’s just something about the two of them that we see in our own (possibly dysfunctional) relationships.

We’re sick of the on-again, off-again love/hate relationship.
Let’s recap the past two seasons: They take a romantic trip to Vermont. Fitz decides he wants to give up his presidential seat to be with her. Then he decides he does want to be president, but will divorce Mellie and marry Olivia. Olivia thinks it’s a ludicrous plan at first, but then goes along with it and helps with his campaign—getting him reelected—before ultimately running away with Jake. Seriously? Make a decision: either you are going to be together, or you’re not. But with them, there is no decisive answer. We watch the two of them ping-pong back and forth all season long while we sip red wine and comment on the train wreck of it all via Twitter.

No one wants to see Fitz’s lip quiver when Liv walks in a room.
Maybe its just me, but the way Fitz’s face scowls and his lip quivers when he’s left alone with Olivia for more than 30 seconds makes me roll my eyes. Every. Single. Time. Get it together, Fitz.

It was doomed from the beginning.
Let’s face it. She was a campaign press manager and he was running for President of the United States. Oh, and did we mention he was married the moment they met? Despite the fact that they felt an instant attraction, there was never any possible way that the two of them could or would be together. I knew he wasn’t the one for Olivia when I realized it was the same man that killed Patrick Swayze in ‘Ghost.’

Honestly, Jake just may be the better man for Olivia.
If you’ve ever dated a man where the entire relationship was on his terms, then you already know it’s the worst relationship to be in. It is neither cute, nor romantic to be “summoned” by your boyfriend when he feels like it. And President Fitz just won’t stop coming back for more: showing up on her doorstep, professing his love, and forging enemies with anyone (namely, Jake) who gets in the way of their relationship. Jake on the other hand is single, handsome, and genuinely loves Olivia, even though she’s in love with another man. He is the winner (well, despite being a former assassin and head of the secret service agency B6-13).

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