56-Year-Old New Mom Dies a Week After Giving Birth to Twins

According to her husband Mike, Lisa Swinton McLaughlin wanted to have kids for more than 30 years.

Mike and Lisa welcomed twin boys on December 27 after a decade of trying fertility treatments and in-vitro procedures. Though the boys were premature, Mike told the Omaha World News she's never been happier.
“She was just on cloud nine,” Mike recalled. “That’s the happiest I’ve probably seen her in my life.”

Lisa died January 4, just seven days after she gave birth, from a bowel obstruction. When she was released from the hospital on New Year's Eve, she had assumed the pain was from the incision from her Cesarian section.

Mike McLaughlin will now have to raise his two boys without their mother. He has hired a nanny but is also making plans to move to Nebraska closer to his family.

At the time of her death, Lisa was the Executive Medical Officer at the American Red Cross in Washington, D.C.

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