Bomb Detonates Near Colorado Springs NAACP Building

On Tuesday, members of the chapter felt the blast throughout the entire building and said that the blast also caused items to be knocked off of the wall.

Other than the small mess and general uneasiness, no one was hurt by the bomb's detonation. The FBI also assures the concerned that there will be a thorough investigation and that they even have a person of interest in mind. With this being said, the person of interest's demographic's should come as no surprise as the likely culprit is said to be a white, forty year old male.

Attacks on those who strive for justice and civil rights is so common, we risk becoming desensitized--if we aren't already--, but as always we hope that whoever did this is caught and that no further harm is inflicted.

The Chapter's president Henry Allen Jr. has said that despite any attempts on harming or scaring the members, the members will "move on" and continue to do their jobs.

Read more on the explosion.

Randie Henderson is a Gates Millennium Scholar and recent college grad. She is driven to write, read, learn, and educate about ways to dismantle oppression in America and globally because she is passionate about people and justice. You can find her on

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