Husband Charged in Death of Missing New Jersey Woman

On New Year’s Day, Kevin Crosby, husband of Erica Crippen reported her missing to her family.

Shocked, the family was mystified by the news as no one could figure out why Erica would suddenly leave her seven and three month-old daughters without an explanation.

Reports say that when Erica's family visited the couple's home, they noticed her keys, coat, and purse still on the premises. Her family also noticed that the bed sheets and shower curtain were missing. It did not take long for the family to doubt Kevin’s story and in time, the truth began to surface and Kevin was charged with her murder on Tuesday. Kevin's actions after Erica's disappearance and the message from a mysterious woman to Erica's family have aided in the charges against him.
Following Erica’s disappearance, Kevin vanished and her family learned that an unknown woman and Kevin sold Erica’s clothes and went on a drug binge. Since the woman's admission, Kevin was pulled over while driving Erica's car for a routine traffic stop and arrested.

Refusing to provide the family closure, Kevin has not denied or affirmed the woman's claims or his hand in Erica's possible death.

Updates on the case are not easy to deal with and are still a shock to the family. Erica and Kevin were only married last year, and from the perspective of friends and family, Erica was deeply in love with him.

Her sister says:

If you all were arguing, you could have come to me or walked away. . . Kyle she loved you! She loved you so much! She really wanted you to do better! He was in a rehabilitation center, last month trying to get clean. She loved him. And she wanted him to be a better father to her kid.”

Her friend, Amaris Torres also admits, “We care about Erica. We need her home. Dead or alive, we want her.”

Erica's absence has certainly been a nightmare for her loved ones, but it seems that justice is well on its way. Since his arrest, Kevin has been placed in jail with a bail of 1.2 million dollars, and an investigation is in place.

We hope that Erica's body is returned to her family.

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