Targeted At-Home Workout Ideas to Keep You Fit and On-Track

by Makeda Vaughn

There are many reasons why working out at home can be more efficient (and beneficial) than going to the gym or exercising outdoors. The winter weather, busy schedules, and malaise caused by “that time of the month” can all make us reluctant to leave home for physical activity. However, this doesn’t mean that one cannot still work on their fitness. If you read my recent post titled “7 Fitness and Health Hacks for Busy People”, I mentioned the at-home workout as a particularly helpful hack. Well, here are some easy home workout videos targeting specific exercises or muscles groups, that you can use as a resource when your desire for exercise is at odds with your busy schedule, budget, or reluctance to leave the house.

Dance Cardio

Keaira Lashae provides a number of fun workout videos on her YouTube Channel. She also creates fitness videos for BeFiT TV. I particularly enjoy her dance workouts, as they’re a fun way to get in your dose of cardio. And once you’ve learned some of Keira’s routines, all you will need are some Afro Beats and you’ll be working up a sweat in no time!

Check out her Body Toning Afro Beat Workout on BeFiT’s YouTube channel:


No more flabby arms! It’s time to get those arms in shape. And the best news is, you can get started right in your living room. A few helpful tips include:
  • Push-ups! Push-ups are one of the best exercises you can do, as they focus on multiple muscle groups including the core, triceps, and biceps. 
  • Feeling extra strong? You can also take it up a notch by incorporating shoulder taps into your pushups. 
  • If you have dumbbells and a yoga mat, you can do a number of chest press exercises with weights. 
  • You can easily perform tricep dips using a sturdy chair or couch. 
Watch this at-home workout for strong, toned arms from Bodynomics!

You can also check out this video for arm toning workouts using no equipment from health and fitness vlogger Scola Dondo.


People often focus on their arms, but don’t neglect toning your shoulders as well! These ideas will help give you a nice sculpted look in your tank tops and strapless dresses.
  • Side lateral and front shoulder raises can be performed with light weights.
  • You can also try side planking with a light weight or dumbbell (or your desired strength). 
  • Boxing with free weights in a squatted position is also great, and provides a surprising dose of cardio.
Looking for more inspiration? Check out this video from Hang Tight with MarC.


Get your fitness in and bring sexy back! These are tips for a strong, sculpted upper and lower back.
  • On a stability ball, perform crunches that also target the lower back. 
  • Sitting on the floor with legs extended and a resistance band anchored around the soles of your shoes, pull arms back using shoulders and back muscles in the seated row exercise.
You can also check out these videos for lower and upper back workouts from Buffy the Body of Bodynomics.


Whether you want a ripped six-pack or just a nice flat stomach, these videos will help get you started. Don’t neglect those oblique muscles either!
  • Russian twists are performed on the floor twisting from one side to the other with legs slightly raised.
  • A regular plank is holding up your body—in a straight, plank position—by propping yourself up using your forearms, elbow, and toes. (You can also do side planks to target your oblique muscles.)
  • Leg lifts consist of you lying on the floor, raising legs, and bring them back down without letting them touch the floor.
  • Doing crunches or sit-ups on the floor. You may also try sitting on a stability ball for a more intense routine.
Ready for more? Try this lower ab workout from British online fitness and lifestyle personality AJ Odudu.

Check out this video from fitness vlogger FitFreak UK.

All About the Glutes

We are officially living in the era of the “big booty,” as we were reminded numerous times in 2014. Well, it’s also nice to have firm, nicely shaped rear as well. These exercises can help you accomplish that.
  • Donkey kicks are performed on the floor on hands and knees. Alternate pushing each leg in the air at 90-degree angle.
  • Front lunges are performed by using one leg to take a large step forward and bending the back leg down while your upper body remains upright. You can also hold free weights with this exercise to add intensity.
  • Dumbbell squat thrusters consists of holding free weights at your shoulders (with arms bent), lowering yourself into a full-seated squat, and then standing back up while pressing weight to the sky.
Get inspired to have firm buns from Buffy the Body’s entire booty workout playlist.


You can’t deny the appeal of a lean, toned, sculpted leg. Just think about that as you’re trying to get excited for “leg day”!
  • Leg curls with a stability ball. While laying on the ground, place stability ball under ankles, and use your legs to roll the ball towards your butt, and back.
  • Perform jump squats by doing regular squats, jumping up, and then landing back into another squat. Remember to tighten your glutes and core to make the exercise even more effective.
  • Complete leg rotations by sitting on the floor with one leg slightly raised, moving the leg in a circular motion.
Try this no-weight thigh workout from Brina K TV.

Ready for more? Try these towel thigh and leg exercises from Tiffany Rothe.

Hopefully these home workout tips and videos gave you some fitness inspiration. And check out other videos from these YouTube personalities, to keep you motivated. Wishing you health and happiness!

Makeda is a blogger. You can find her on her website She can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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