New Study Reveals Incarceration's Wide Impact on Black Women's Lives

A new study by the Harvard Du Bois Review titled Racial Inequalities in Connectedness to Imprisoned Individuals in the United States. The review revealed important statistics on the wide impact of incarceration on Black women's lives.

  • More than six million black women in the US have an incarcerated relative.
  • Forty-four percent of black women – or just over one in two and a half – have an incarcerated family member, compared to 12 percent of white women.
  • Black women have over 11 times as many imprisoned family members as white women, and are more likely to be connected to multiple people in prison. 
Essie Justice Group is a new organization whose mission is to harness the power of women with incarcerated family. Essie Justice Group utilizes curriculum on trauma healing, money management in crisis, and advocacy in community groups.

Read the full study here.

Joneka Percentie is a junior studying Communications, Africana Studies, and Women's and Gender Studies. When she is not working as an editorial assistant with For Harriet, she enjoys blogging for SPARK, singing, dancing, tweeting @jpercentie, eating, and sleeping. E-mail her at

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