The Canvass: Is Nicki Minaj's Ample Derriere Empowering Black Women?

Hip Hop vixen Nicki Minaj quickly become one of the most talked about names in pop culture after several high profile feature spots. Nicki's lyrical skill has been debated, but her influence is undeniable.

She's got nearly a million followers on Twitter, and girls across the world are embracing their inner "Harajuku Barbie."

But Nicki might serve great pop culture significance. Could the woman who's just as famous for her remarkable assets as her unusual flow be turning the tide for curvy women in larger pop culture. Sure "thick" girls have long been celebrated in the hood, but Nicki has built a career on exposing herself (pun intended) to a whole new audience to whom the coke bottle shape might be less acceptable.

 Minaj even turned her fight against the censorship of her first solo video into a crusade for the curvy women of America tweeting:

Nicki and her bff Amber Rose have ushered in a new standard for beauty in America. Is pop culture's embrace of the "voluptuous" woman good or bad for the image of black women?

Are they at least healthier than the examples set by ongoing yo-yo dieters like Janet Jackson and Oprah Winfrey?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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