Are Female Bosses Worse To Work For?

Women still face significant discrimination in the workplace, and as it turns out that bias may not just be coming from men.

via Jezebel:

According to Forbes, a 2008 study revealed that women are more stressed out when they work for other women. And an informal Facebook survey, also by Forbes, turned up complaints like "[we] women are very competitive with each other… emotions and feelings get in the way," and "women can be conniving and backstabbing while giving you the nice-nasty smile." Of course, it's possible that women and men alike just aren't used to the concept of women in authority, and that they interpret ambition as competitiveness and criticism as backstabbing. It's possible that despite the gains women have made in the workplace, we're still conditioned to view them with suspicion, and that we all need to reexamine the gendered ways we evaluate each other.

In your experience, are female bosses more difficult to work for? Is there something to their characterization as more emotional and competitive or is this just the same old gender bias reiterated?

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