Girl Please!!! You Want a Man, But You Can’t Cook?

Hey ladies, I know we all are “independent women,” “five star chicks,” “baddest bitch,” “fancy” and whatever hip hop name you want to call yourself, but that means nothing if you can not cook. How do you expect to keep any man’s attention if you can not cook? I am not talking about cooking hamburger helper or spaghetti. Anybody can cook those dishes, I am talking about cooking real food; macaroni, potato salad, yams, vegetables, any fried meat without blood leaking from it. You need to be able to cook breakfast and I am not talking about cereal in a bowl.

Yes, fast food is convenient. I admit I enjoy fast food, but believe me when I am feeding my boo I am not swinging through the McDonalds’ drive thru trying to get a Big Mac or nugget combo.

So many times we get caught up in "Well, he should like me for who I am and if he can not handle that I do not cook, then he can kiss rocks.” Well baby, that is all good but you will not keep him long. He will leave you and go over to the other girl who is not afraid to get in the kitchen and cook real food!!!!

You do not have to be a Paula Deen, Rachel Ray, The Neelys or whoever else but you need to cook. If you can not cook, then take time out to learn. I know you have some old school women in your family who prefer cooking over fast food any day. Call ‘Big Momma’ up and ask her how to cook some macaroni and cheese, some barbecue pork chops, green beans and corn bread. Or if “Big Momma” or any other matriarch in your family is deceased (R.I.P.) please grab a cook book or better yet save your money and go online. There are various websites on how to cook good, easy, yet simple meals online. When I first began cooking in my early twenties, I spent a lot of time on the Campbell’s Kitchen website. I learned how to cook various pastas and meat. I also consulted with my sister-in-law who is a few years older than me. (Country girls can cook!!!).

Ladies, if you are single this is the best time to practice. Take time out to learn how to cook a few meals. Because you are not trying to impress anybody, you can afford to make mistakes in your meal. So if you burn your chicken its ok; if you overcook your rice, that’s fine just try again. If you are single do not use this time to mope and become the poster child for “Why I ain’t got no man” but utilize this time to make yourself a better woman for when you do get a man. Do not shoot the messenger, I am not saying only learn how to cook to appease a man. I am saying learning how to cook will make your more ‘marketable’ for a man. Even if you do not get a man YOU STILL HAVE TO EAT!!

Here are more websites for your convenience:

Check out Food Network’s Quick and Easy Recipes

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(Do not be scared to check out the other recipes on these websites.)

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